Beijing: Chinese authorities have taken into custody the retired parents of a Uyghur activist living in Australia, media reports said. more
Uyghur Persecution: US Senate passes bill to ban Xinjiang imports

Washington: The US Senate has passed a bill to ban imports from Xinjiang region, an episode which has potential to further trigger conflict between Washington and Beijing.

Forced labour evidenced in solar industries attached to China's questionable Xinjiang region

Beijing: Uyghurs are currently working at a silicon factory in China’s northwestern desert where the temperature even soars to more than 2,000 degrees.

Canada expresses concern over Xinjiang issue, China receives jolt

The Canadian government has expressed deep concern about the human rights situation in the Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region.

Ottawa, Beijing spar over China' treatment towards Uyghurs

Washington/Sputnik: Ottawa and Beijing sparred over human rights issues in the others’ countries, with Canada pushing China at the United Nations Human Rights Council (UNHRC) meetin ...

Critics slam Imran Khan over Uyghur comment

Washington/Islamabad: Critics have slammed PM Imran Khan over his recent statement on Chinese treatment towards Uyghur Muslims where he asked  why the world was fixated on Xinjiang w ...

China sanctions Belgian lawmaker for motion which alerts about genocide risk against Xinjiang Uygurs

Beijing: Beijing has sanctioned a Belgian lawmaker who called for a proposal warning of a risk of genocide against Uygur Muslims in Xinjiang, a region which has always triggered internati ...

Chinese census data reveals migration hiked Han population in Xinjiang

Beijing: A 2020 Chinese census report has revealed that the Han population in China’s western region of Xinjiang grew faster than the ethnic minority Uygur population over the last ...

Uygur tribunal: Former Chinese policeman discloses chilling account of treatment towards Uyghurs

A former policeman has revealed the way Uyghurs were tortured in China's Xinjiang region while giving his testimony at a London-based tribunal.

Japan, Australian ministers express deep concern over China's human rights abuses in Xinjiang

Melbourne: Japan and Australia’s foreign and defense ministers on Wednesday expressed strong concerns over the human rights abuses in China.