Climate Change
Strengthening U.S. air quality standards for fine particulate pollution to be in compliance with current World Health Association (WHO) guidelines could save more than 140,000 lives over the course of a decade, according to a new study from Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health. more
Modern sea-level rise is linked to human activities : Study

New research by Rutgers scientists reaffirms that modern sea-level rise is linked to human activities and not to changes in Earth’s orbit.

NASA’s ICESat-2 measures Arctic Ocean's Sea ice thickness, snow cover

Washington/IBNS: Arctic sea ice helps keep Earth cool, as its bright surface reflects the Sun’s energy back into space.

Shrinking snowcaps fuel harmful algal blooms in Arabian Sea: Study

New York: A uniquely resilient organism all but unheard of in the Arabian Sea 20 years ago has been proliferating and spreading at an alarming pace, forming thick, malodorous green swirls ...

Potentially fatal combinations of humidity and heat are emerging across globe, reveals new study

New York/IBNS: Most everyone knows that humid heat is harder to handle than the “dry” kind. 

Climate disasters increase risks of armed conflicts, reveals new evidence

New York: The risk for violent clashes increases after weather extremes such as droughts or floods hit people in vulnerable countries, an international team of scientists finds.

Mobile game aims to bridge gap between citizens and leaders on climate action

New York : Millions of people worldwide will get to share their views on climate action through a UN campaign launched on Thursday aimed at connecting them with Governments and policy mak ...

Climate crisis: Antarctic continent posts record temperature reading of 18.3°C

New York  : Fresh fears of accelerating damage to the planet’s ice sheets and sea level rise have been fuelled by confirmation from the UN’s weather agency that the Antar ...

2020: the year for action, to ‘rise up’ and safeguard ocean life

New York : With the ocean in deep crisis, members of civil society and philanthropic organisations are urging governments and corporations to take bold action to safeguard the ocean.  ...

Climate action ‘both a priority and a driver of the decade’: Guterres

New York: Climate action will be both a priority and a driver of world affairs through the coming decade, United Nations Secretary-General chief António Guterres announced on Monda ...