New York: The UN is concerned over warnings issued by Philippines’ authorities that volcanic eruptions on the country’s most populous island could last “days, months or even years”. more
Climate denial wastes time amid Australian bushfire crisis: official

Canberra/Xinhua: Australia's science minister has said that people arguing over the existence of climate change and its impact on bushfires are wasting time.

Thousands evacuated as Philippine volcano threatens big eruption

Manila/Xinhua: Nearly 50,000 people living near a volcano on an island close to the Philippine capital have heeded official warning to evacuate as fears of an eruption grew, officials sai ...

Australian PM takes major polling hit amid bushfires

Canberra/Xinhua: Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison has suffered a blow to his approval rating amid the ongoing bushfire crisis.

Australian PM open to increasing emissions reduction target in response to bushfires

Canberra/Xinhua: Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison said on Sunday that the government's emissions targets need to "evolve."

Evacuations underway in several towns in Philippines due to Volcanic activity - Reports

Moscow/Sputnik: Philippine authorities started to evacuate three towns in the province of Batangas, close to the capital Manila, over Taal Volcano’s increased activity and a strong ...

Bushfire crisis: Thousands protest in Australia

Sydney: Asking the government to act on the issue of climate crisis, thousands of activists marched in different parts of bushfire-hit Australia on Friday.

Australia wildfires: 'Mega blaze' may hit parts of the nation on Friday

Sydney: Australian authorities have said that two bushfires that are currently ravaging the nation might merge to form a "mega blaze"  on Friday, media reports said.

Bushfires: Climate activists to march across several cities in Australia tomorrow

Sydney: Slamming the Australian government's 'criminal negligence' on the bushfire crisis, thousands of activists will participate in protest marches across nine cities in the ...

Australia's Kangaroo Island shows burn scars on one-third of landmass: NASA

Washington: NASA's Terra satellite provided before and after imagery that showed the extent of the fires that have been ravaging Australia's Kangaroo Island.