Child Rights
New York: An estimated 6.3 million children under five, in six countries in Africa’s Sahel region, will suffer from wasting this year, UN agencies and their partners warned in a publication issued on Wednesday. more
Deeply regret that girls’ education above 6th grade remains suspended in Afghanistan: Antonio Guterres

New York: UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres has regretted that girls’ education above sixth grade still remains suspended in Taliban ruled Afghanistan.

One month of war leaves more than half of Ukraine’s children displaced

New York: A month since Russia invaded Ukraine, 4.3 million children – more than half of the country’s estimated 7.5 million child population – have been displaced, the ...

Syria: Children ‘live in fear of violence’, scarred by 11 years of war

New York: Nearly five million children born in Syria since March 2011 have known nothing but conflict. After 11 years of war, the crisis continues to leave them struggling with physical a ...

Ukraine war creating a child refugee almost every second: UNICEF

New York: Almost one child per second in Ukraine is becoming a refugee of the war, UN humanitarians said on Tuesday, as the total number of people who have now fled the country since the ...

To attack babies is ‘an act of unconscionable cruelty’: UN top officials urge end to attacks on health care in Ukraine

New York: Since Russia invaded Ukraine, 31 attacks on health care have been documented by the World Health Organization. These incidents have killed and injured civilians, as well as dest ...

Protect unaccompanied children fleeing Ukraine: UN agency chiefs

New York: Unaccompanied and separated children fleeing the conflict in Ukraine must be protected, two senior UN officials said in a joint statement on Monday.

Child sex abuse in Madagascar ‘widespread and tolerated’

New York: In Madagascar, child sex abuse is “widespread and tolerated” in tourist hotspots, UN-appointed rights experts said on Thursday.

One million Afghan children may die from malnutrition unless action taken, warns UNICEF

Kabul: UNICEF Afghanistan has warned that one million Afghan children could die from severe acute malnutrition if “urgent” actions were not initiated to protect them.

Syria: 700 child detainees held in prison under siege

New York: Four days after ISIL terrorists launched apparently coordinated attacks on a large prison in northeast Syria in a bid to free fighters detained there, the UN Human Rights Office ...