The Canadian government has issued a warning to its LGBTQIA+ residents who are planning to visit the USA, citing new laws in several states. more
Poland: Thousands march for LGBT rights

Warsaw:  Tens of thousands of people marched in Warsaw's Pride parade to demand equality for LGBT people ahead of Polish elections, media reports said.

Survey says about 9 percent of adults in 30 countries identify themselves as LGBTQ

About 9 percent of adults in 30 countries identify themselves as LGBT+, as per a survey conducted by Ipsos.

Apple Watch Pride Edition celebrates the LGBTQ+ community

New York: Celebrating the ongoing movement to protect and advance equality for LGBTQ+ communities around the world, Apple is introducing a new Pride Edition Sport Band accompanied by a ma ...

Ugandan Parliament passes bill which criminalizes identifying as LGBTQ

Kampala: The Ugandan Parliament has passed a bill that would criminalise people who identify themselves as LGBTQ+, among other things, media reports said.

Qatari LGBTQ activist invites David Beckham to sign petition to decriminalize homosexuality

San Francisco/JEN:  Dr Nas Mohammed, 35, a LGBTQ activist, has invited football icon and host of FIFA 2022 David Beckham to sign a petition that supports legalization of homosexualit ...

Israel: Middle East's gay-friendly city Tel Aviv celebrates Pride Month, witnesseses 170,000 strong parade

More than 170,000 people participated in Tel Aviv’s Pride Parade in Israel on Friday, marking the annual event to touch its pre-pandemic era figures.

At least 35 publicly out LGBTQ athletes participating at Beijing Olympics, a Winter Games record

Beijing (JEN): In a new record for the Winter Games, at least 35 athletes from the LGBTQ community have been participating in the Beijing Winter Olympics 2022, according to Outsports, a s ...

Life is hard for LGBTQ community in Pakistan amid COVID-19 pandemic

The life of a person belonging to the LGBTQ community is becoming difficult in Pakistan amid COVID-19 pandemic spread in the Islamic country.

LGBTQ community worst hit by online hate or harassment on social media sites, says GLAAD report

Los Angeles: Social media sites are increasingly becoming difficult for LGBTQ users and must immediately address the problem, said a report by GLAAD.