Moscow/Sputnik: The first positive effects of strict lockdown measures are starting to manifest in the United Kingdom, Prime Minister Boris Johnson said Wednesday. more
Britain insists it will go ahead with law-breaking bill linked to Brexit

London/Xinhua: The British government put itself on a potential collision course with Brussels on Tuesday after rejecting calls by the European Union (EU) to withdraw parts of a controver ...

Britain must act against China's intention to destroy Hong Kong's autonomy: UK MP Stewart McDonald

London: United Kingdom MP Stewart McDonald has asked the UK government to act against the Chinese government's intention to destroy  Hong Kong’s autonomy.

COVID-19: Britain may take harder stance against China

London/: The British government's mollifying stance on China is likely to harden in the coming months once the immediate concerns regarding the COVID-19 outbreak are dealt with, media ...

British lawmakers to probe advisers who help China target British businesses

London: British lawmakers have called for a probe against the political figures and advisers who profit by helping the Chinese government to target British businesses.

5G: British politician sceptical about UK accepting Chinese COVID-19 aid

London: British politician and broadcaster Nigel Paul Farage feels that accepting COVID-19 aid from China may lead Beijing having a hand in UK's 5G network.

Britain's Houses of Parliament close door to tourists

London/Xinhua: Britain's Houses of Parliament were closed to visitors and tourists on Monday because of the coronavirus outbreak.

Brexit issue: MPs' vote on deal ruled out by Speaker

London: The British House of Commons Speaker on Monday refused the Boris Johnson-led government's request to hold a "yes" or "no" vote on the Brexit deal. &nb ...

Major power failures affect trains, airports across UK

London (Xinhua/UNI) Major power failures are hitting large areas of the United Kingdom on Friday, affecting trains, airports and traffic lights, national media reported.

British lawmakers reject all four Brexit options in second round of unbinding vote

London (Xinhua/UNI) British lawmakers on Monday voted to turn down all the four proposed Brexit options on the table, the second time since Friday that none of MPs' proposed Brexit op ...