Washington: US President Joe Biden has described the airlift evacuation from Afghanistan, a nation captured by Taliban forces, as the ' most difficult' episode in history. more
Fear of India leads Pakistan to cheer Taliban rule in Afghanistan: Experts

Geo political experts believe that Pakistan cheered Taliban insurgents taking control over Afghanistan due to its growing concerns about its enemy India.

China is now ready to cooperate with US on Afghanistan to prevent civil war: Wang Yi

Beijing: The Chinese governmet has said it is ready to cooperate with the United States on Afghanistan to prevent a civil war and prevent the country from becoming a breeding ground for t ...

Afghanistan: Guterres urges restraint as Taliban reach Kabul; UN Security Council set to meet Monday

New York: As the crisis in Afghanistan deepens by the hour, with reports that insurgent forces reached the country’s capital, Kabul, earlier on Sunday, UN Secretary-General Ant&oacu ...

Hope to see Taliban implementing what is promised to ensure smooth transition of situation in Afghanistan: Beijing

Beijing: The Chinese government on Monday said it hopes to see the Taliban implement what it promised to “ensure the smooth transition of the situation in Afghanistan."

Taliban says war is over in Afghanistan

Kabul: Taliban insurgents have declared that the 'war' in Afghanistan is over after they entered Kabul on Sunday and took control over the Presidential Palace.

We don't want anybody bilaterally recognise Taliban govt in Afghanistan: UK PM Boris Johnson

Kabul/London: British PM Boris Johnson gave a strong message to Taliban insurgents as they take control of Afghanistan after capturing capital city Kabul on Sunday, saying that nobody sho ...

Fast-moving Afghanistan crisis ‘has hallmarks of humanitarian catastrophe’

New York: Afghanistan is on course to witness its highest ever number of documented civilian casualties in a single year since records began, the UN refugee agency (UNHCR) said on Friday. ...

China will rule Afghanistan, says geopolitical expert

A geo-political expert feels that as the deadline for withdrawal of US forces is drawing closer, China might significantly get the chance to increase activity in Afghanistan.

Pakistan intends to use suppressed and subjugated Afghanistan for geopolitical gains: Baussart

Kabul: Fabien Baussart, President of Center of Political and Foreign Affairs, has said  Pakistan wants to keep Afghanistan feeble, debilitated and divided.