Pyongyang: It was self confidence and not sanctions that pushed North Korea to seek dialogues with the United States of America and South Korea, the state media said on Tuesday. more
Encouraged by proposed DPRK-US talks, Guterres reiterates support for peaceful denuclearization of Korean Peninsula

New York: United Nations Secretary-General António Guterres on Friday said he is “encouraged” by the announcement of an agreement between the United States and the Demo ...

Experts question Kim Jong-un's motive as N Korea inches towards denuclearization

Pyongyang: Following umpteen nuclear tests, which threatened the initiation of a war with the United States of America, Kim Jong-un's North Korea is finally settling down and is ready ...

US-North Korean talks possible?

Pyongyang/Seoul/Washington: The tension in the Korean Peninsula is slowly receding as relation between the North and the South is warming up, following the Pyeongchang Winter Olympics.

US says North Korean government played active role in Kim Jong-nam's murder

Washington/Pyongyang: The US has concluded that the North Korean government played an active role in the murder of Kim Jong-un's half brother Kim Jong-nam.

Protect the rights of ‘Dreamers,’ UN human rights experts urge US Government

New York, Feb 22 (JEN): With hundreds of thousands of migrants who arrived in the United States as children facing possible expulsion, a group of United Nations human rights experts has u ...

At Davos forum, UN agency launches report spotlighting benefits of investing in better migration data

New York, Jan 25 (JEN): Investing in value-based migration data that squarely focuses on impact can benefit the world to the tune of $35 billion dollars, according to a new report launche ...

US urges Pakistan to arrest Taliban leaders following Kabul attack

Washington/Islamabad/Kabul: In the wake of the Kabul hotel attack, which accounted for at least 43 lives, the United States of America has called on Pakistan, asking it to arrest and expe ...

Senate fails to agree on new budget, US approaching federal shutdown

Washington: The United States of America is approaching a federal shutdown, owing to disagreements between the Republicans and Democrats.

As 'shithole' remark snowballs, Trump says 'I'm not racist'

Washington: In a first, Donald Trump has publicly told reporters that he's the least racist person they are likely to have interviewed.