Brussels: A Belgian civil society group has asked the European Union to diplomatically boycott the upcoming Beijing Olympics. more
Conditions worsen for stranded migrants along Belarus-EU border

New York: At least eight people have died along the border between Belarus and the European Union, where multiple groups of asylum-seekers, refugees and migrants have been stranded for we ...

Human Rights Watch denounces EU court's verdict permitting ban on religious dress at work

The Human Rights Watch has criticised European Union’s highest court for its ruling that allowed employers to stop people from wearing religious dress to workplaces.

EU must place social justice ‘at its core’ to lift people out of poverty

New York: The European Union’s failure to lift 20 million people out of poverty by 2020, is “a defeat for social rights”, an independent UN human rights expert said on F ...

European Parliament asks Pakistan to protect women from discrimination, stop child labour

Brussels: The European Parliament has asked Pakistan to safeguard the rights and interests of women in the country after reports emerged of recent activities violating it.

Indian diaspora in Belgium urges EU to act against Pakistan for minority persecution

Belgium: The Indian diaspora in Belgium took to streets recently to protest the continuing atrocities on religious minorities like Hindus and Sikhs in Pakistan and made a strong case of I ...

EU migration deal welcomed by UN agencies

New York: UN humanitarian agencies on Friday broadly welcomed a freshly-inked deal on migration by European Union leaders which calls for more Member States to take responsibility within ...