With rising incidents of faith-based violence perpetrated by the Islamists, the "Islamic Republic of Pakistan", the second largest Muslim populated country in the world which often uses its "abusive and lethal" blasphemy laws against religious minorities, is turning into a hotbed of religious intolerance and mobocracy. more
White House remains indifferent to Islamabad as Pak Foreign Minister urges envoy to elicit US response

Islamabad (JEN): A mysterious and allegedly 'leaked' letter from the Pakistan Foreign Minister to his country's envoy in the U.S, which has been immediately declared as 'f ...

Names of over 700 Pakistani nationals, including few from PM Imran Khan's Cabinet, feature in Pandora Papers leak

Islamabad: Names of over 700 Pakistanis have come up in the latest leak called Pandora Papers, which features a huge tranche of leaked data on offshore companies that is larger in size an ...

US generals express concern over Pakistan’s nuclear arsenal amid Taliban taking control over Afghanistan

Top US generals are claiming that they had warned US President Joe Biden administration that the rush in withdrawing foreign forces from Afghanistan might increase risks to Pakistan&rsquo ...

US is 'very honest' about concerns on terrorist safe havens in Pakistan: Pentagon

Washington: A top US official has said it has been 'very honest' about its concerns with Pakistan for a long time about the terrorist safe havens along the Afghanistan border.

At UN, Pakistan Prime Minister urges ‘bold steps’ to prevent humanitarian crisis in Afghanistan

New York: Against the backdrop of what he called “a critical time” in Afghanistan, Prime Minister Imran Khan of Pakistan said on Friday that if the situation there is neglecte ...

Pakistan FM says nation will deal with Afghanistan govt that requires assistance

Islamabad: Pakistan's  Finance Minister Shaukat Tarin has said his nation will deal with the new government in Afghanistan as they will require assistance.

We need to talk about Pakistan, says expert as Afghanistan witnesses rising conflicts

Kabul: Terming Pakistan as a 'state sponsor of terror', terrorism analyst Kyle Orton has said the South Asian nation should be held accountable for the condition in Afghanistan, w ...

Fear of India leads Pakistan to cheer Taliban rule in Afghanistan: Experts

Geo political experts believe that Pakistan cheered Taliban insurgents taking control over Afghanistan due to its growing concerns about its enemy India.

Pakistan intends to use suppressed and subjugated Afghanistan for geopolitical gains: Baussart

Kabul: Fabien Baussart, President of Center of Political and Foreign Affairs, has said  Pakistan wants to keep Afghanistan feeble, debilitated and divided.