Islamabad/Washington DC: A geopolitical expert has warned that US President Joe Biden should not allow China to back Pakistan and help it in passing the Financial Action Task Force (FATF) test without much hindrance. more
Taliban group should sever ties with Pakistan: Ashraf Ghani

Kabul: Afghanistan President Ashraf Ghani has warned the Taliban group against keeping ties with Pakistan.

Experts believe the growing nexus between Turkey and Pakistan is a terror threat for Greece-India

New Delhi: Experts believe the growing nexus between Pakistan and Turkey poses a terrorist threat for India and Greece.

Pakistan-China spat over Belt Road Initiative, may delay CPEC

Islamabad: The annual bilateral summit of the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) has been delayed amid serious disagreement between the all-weather ally over the Belt and Road Initia ...

Pak, Turkey are two countries 'but one nation': PAF chief

Istanbul:  Pakistan Air Force (PAF) Chief Marshal Mujahid Anwar Khan has said Pakistan and Turkey are "two countries, one nation", highlighting the growing bond between the ...

Relation between France and Pakistan has touched historic low: French President's top advisor

French President Emmanuel Macron's top advisor, Emmanuel Bonne, has said the relationship between France and Pakistan has touched  'historic low'.

Balochistan: Gwadar port to be sealed off by Pak to protect Chinese firms

Beijing: Pakistani authorities are planning to fence off the entire 24-square-kilometer area surrounding the Gwadar seaport, which is located in Balochistan, to secure what they call the ...

China is now building military base in Pakistan's Gwadar: Reports

Gwadar: The CPEC Authority, a joint institution of Pakistani and Chinese governments to oversee CPEC projects, has commenced building a fenced wall around the Gwadar city in the country, ...

Afghanistan-Pakistan border fencing remains main source of blame game between neighbours: Report

Islamabad: The border fencing between Afghanistan and Pakistan has emerged as the  main sources of the blame game between Kabul and Islamabad.  

Expert believes PDM alliance may soon give a strong challenge to Pakistan Army

Islamabad: A geo-politics expert believes that Pakistan's military, which controls the government of the country to a great extent, might soon lose its grip amid rising power of the o ...