Kabul: Several Afghanistani parents and students have urged the Taliban authorities, the group which has been forcefully ruling the country since August 2021, to reopen secondary schools for girls, media reports said. more
Afghanistan: Taliban minister says people do not want their girls students to attend school

Kabul: Taliban Education Minister Noorullah Munir has said people do not want their girls to attend school in the current situation.

Afghanistan: Taliban closes girl school after days of reopening in Paktia

Kabul: The Taliban administrators of Afghanistan have shut down a girl's school and sent the tearful students back home in   Paktia province in the southeast region of the c ...

Pakistani scholar urges Taliban to reopen schools for girls in Afghanistan

Kabul/Islamabad: Mufti Taqi Usman, a prominent Pakistani scholar, has written a letter to the Taliban government of Afghanistan and asked it to reopen girls’ schools for Afghan girl ...

Afghanistan: Girls urge Taliban to re-open schools for classes 7-12

Kabul/UNI: The girl students in Afghanistan have urged the Taliban government to provide them with educational opportunities as schools for girls of classes 7 to 12 have been closed since ...