Lhasa: Authorities have detained 200 people over protesting against strict COVID-19 restrictions imposed in the region, media reports said. more
Tibet: Lhasa witnesses protest over COVID-19 restrictions

Lhasa: Videos have gone viral on social media which showed hundreds of people could be seen protesting in Lhasa city of Tibet against the Chinese government's strict covid measures an ...

China's Zero Covid Policy: A method for surveillance in Tibetan and Xinjiang regions

Beijing: China's zero COVID policy has perhaps become amongst the most controversial policies to have been implemented since the emergence of the COVID pandemic in 2020.

Interlinked crises erasing hard-won gains for gender equality in region

The aggravating impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on existing inequalities, coupled with the effects of the climate crises and disasters in the region, is erasing many hard-fought gains mad ...

Jailed Chinese COVID-19 Wuhan journalist Zhang Zhan is now 'close to death': Reports

Beijing: A Chinese journalist, who was jailed for her coverage of China’s initial response to Covid in Wuhan, is close to death following months of intermittent hunger strikes in pr ...

COVID-induced inequities demand ‘New Social Contract’ says rights chief

New York: COVID-19 has “laid bare deep structural inequalities” everywhere, further widening a multitude of gaps, both within and between countries, the UN High Commissioner f ...

Teachers are driving force behind ‘global education recovery’ from COVID-19

New York: For the education system to recover from the COVID pandemic, it requires more investment in the well-being, training, professional development and working conditions of the worl ...

COVID-19 caused ‘shocking’ inequalities: human rights chief Bachelet

New York: The ongoing COVID-19 crisis has caused and perpetuated “truly shocking” inequality that has affected the world’s most vulnerable individuals, UN rights chief M ...

Bangladesh: Schools reopen after 543 days break due to COVID-19

Dhaka: Ending a long break of 543 days amid COVID-19 outbreak, schools reopened in Bangladesh on Sunday as students returned to classrooms to take their lessons.

Xi's CCP policy to culturally unite China now reaches Inner Mongolia

Beijing: Xi Jinping's plan to culturally unify the entire country as per the political agenda of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) has now reached Inner Mongolia.