The Human Rights Watch has criticised European Union’s highest court for its ruling that allowed employers to stop people from wearing religious dress to workplaces. more
After Switzerland, Sri Lanka to ban burqa in public

Colombo: Just a few days after Switzerland voted in favour of banning face coverings in public, Sri Lanka has decided to follow suit, albeit awaiting permission from the country's par ...

Dutch Parliament imposes partial ban on burqa

Amsterdam: The Dutch parliament on Tuesday passed a law that imposed a partial ban on the wearing of the Islamic clothing-the burqa and the niqab-in public transports, schools, hospitals ...

Amnesty International raps Denmark over burqa ban

London: Reacting sharply to the burqa ban imposed by the Danish government on Thursday, Amnesty Internal has called the move 'neither necessary nor proportionate'.

Quebec set to do away with face veil, triggers row

Montreal, Oct 17 (JEN): Following a decade long debate, Quebec is set to ban the burqa or face veil, thereby triggering protests from Islam sympathisers.