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Oslo, Norway (JEN): Five people have been confirmed dead and two more have been wounded after a man armed with a bow and arrow attacked them in the Norwegian town of Kongsberg on Wednesday evening, according to local authorities. more
Nations pillory China for unleashing seamless cyber attacks

Despised for its continued policy of aggrandizement and its role over the spread of coronavirus worldwide, China is now facing the wrath of several nations for hacking activities and cybe ...

Norway: Clashes break out at far right rally

Oslo: Tension gripped the Norwegian capital after a clash broke out between two groups at an anti-community rally on late Saturday forcing authorities to step in and end the event early, ...

Norway charges 2019 mosque shooter with terrorism, murder

Moscow/Sputnik: Norwegian prosecutors on Monday pressed terrorism and murder charges against Philip Manshaus, who attacked a mosque and killed his step-sister last August.