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Hong Kong: Winter season is fast approaching in Hong Kong and added to it the country might soon be facing the double strike of  Covid-19 and seasonal flu, experts fear. more
Top rights experts urge repeal of Hong Kong’s national security law

New York: Independent UN-appointed human rights experts who have urged China to repeal Hong Kong’s 2020 national security law (NSL) after claiming that its use had led to the arrest ...

Xi Jinping arrives in Hong Kong to mark 25 years of handover

Beijing/UNI: Hong Kong will mark 25 years since the city was handed back by the British to China, BBC reported on Friday.

Few newly introduced Hong Kong textbooks claim the region was never a British colony

Hong Kong: Few newly introduced Hong Kong textbooks have triggered a controversy as they claimed that the region was never a British colony.

China breached city autonomy pledge ‘comprehensively’, says Hong Kong’s last British governor Chris Patten

London/Hong Kong: Hong Kong’s last British governor Chris Patten has targeted China and said it has “breached comprehensively” in recent years the promise of guaranteein ...

Popular floating Jumbo restaurant of Hong Kong sinks

Hong Kong: The iconic floating restaurant of Hong Kong, which was popular among tourists over the years, has sunk, media reports said on Tuesday.

Hong Kong: Beijing approves composition of new govt

Taipei/UNI/Sputnik: The Chinese State Council has approved the composition of Hong Kong's new government proposed by Hong Kong Chief Executive-elect John Lee, the Hong Kong government ...

Hong Kong authorities bans multiple media outlets from inauguration of new chief executive John Lee

Hong Kong: Hong Kong authorities have cited COVID-19 restrictions as the reason behind barring several  media outlets from covering incoming leader John Lee’s inauguration, med ...

Hong Kong: 6 arrested during Tiananmen Square massacre anniversary

Hong Kong:  At least six people were arrested in Hong Kong as the authorities attempt to restrict public commemoration of the Tiananmen Square massacre.

Tiananmen Event: Hong Kong students hide tiny 'democracy goddesses' statue on campus

Hong Kong: Hong Kong University students have hid the tiny figurines of a "democracy goddess" around campus in the lead-up to the anniversary of the Tiananmen Square massacre, m ...