Moscow/Sputnik: US tech giant Microsoft believes that a company consulting the campaign of US Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden was allegedly targeted by Russian state-backed hackers, Reuters reported on Thursday, citing sources. more
Joe Biden says if he is elected he would shut down entire US economy to control Covid-19

Washington/Sputnik: Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden in an interview said he would shut down the entire US economy if scientists recommended it in order to control the COVID-19 ...

US: Joe Biden formally accepts Presidential nomination

Washington/UNI:  Joe Biden during a convention speech formally accepted the Democratic Party's nomination for president of the United States.

Dems officially nominate Biden for President at Convention, attack Trump on Leadership

Washington/Sputnik: Former US Vice President Joe Biden officially won the Democratic Party's presidential nomination after a virtual roll call vote at the party's national convent ...

Joe Biden picks US Senator Kamala Harris as Vice Presidential candidate 

Washington/Sputnik: Presumed US Democratic candidate Joe Biden said on Tuesday that he has picked Senator Kamala Harris of the state of California to be his running mate in the upcoming p ...