Istanbul: Turkey seems to have shifted its stance on China's Uighur policies in recent times going by its action of banning a gathering of Uighur activists on its soil. more
Uighur movement seems to have lost momentum under Chinese repression: Expert

Beijing: A human rights expert has said he feels the Uighur movement seems to have lost momentum under Chinese repression while it made global campaigns pronounced.

Chinese forced labour: US House reintroduces bill to ban goods from Xinjiang

Washington: A bipartisan bill that would prohibit the importation of goods made with forced labor in China was introduced in the US House of Representatives.

Solar companies now tracing supply chains amid debate over Chinese forced labour issue

Beijing: Several solar companies have pledged to oppose forced labor in their supply chains as concern over the sector's reliance on China’s Xinjiang region has been raised in r ...

China targeting relatives of Uighur activists, US officials claim

Washington: US officials are claiming that Chinese government is targeting relatives of  some Uighur activists with terrorism charges, media reports said.

Uyghur woman reveals her tormenting days of staying in Chinese camps

Beijing: An Uyghur woman, who was lured back to China from France only to be arrested, interrogated and abused, has penned down her experiences in a book where she said in the camps run b ...

China possibly committed 'genocide' against Uighurs: US Commission report

Washington: A US commission has said in its report that  China possibly carried out genocide against Uighur Muslims and other ethnic minorities in its northwestern region of Xinjiang ...

Report unveils how China is forcing ethnic minority labourers in Xinjiang to pick cotton

Washington: A report has unveiled that the Chinese government is coercing hundreds of thousands of rural workers to carry out the grueling labour of handpicking cotton in the controversia ...

Chief Rabbi Ephraim Mirvis slams China over persecution of Uighur Muslims

London: Chief Rabbi Ephraim Mirvis has emerged as a key religious figure in the UK who slammed China over the persecution of its Uighur Muslims.

Chinese atrocities: Uighur poetry culture on verge of extinction

Beijing:  The loved poetries of Uighur people of China are one the verge of extinction amid growing atrocities carried out on them by Beijing over the years.