Global Headlines
Beijing: Authorities in the Chinese city of Beijing have closed schools and suspended weddings and funerals in a bid to avoid imposing Shanghai-style Covid lockdown in the city. more
Germany locks down unvaccinated ahead of push for mandatory Covid jabs

Berlin (JEN): Germany on Thursday imposed major restrictions on unvaccinated people as the country is planning to make Covid shots mandatory for all in the coming months to fend off a fou ...

Bangladesh braces for strict lockdown from July 1 to curb COVID-19 spike

Dhaka: Bangladesh is gearing up to witness the strictest lockdown from July 1 to contain the surge of COVID-19 which is leaving the country battered.

Canada's Alberta bans outdoor gatherings, mandates telecommuting as COVID spikes : Premier

Toronto/Sputnik: The Canadian province of Alberta is introducing a ban on outdoor gatherings in concurrence with other measures to stem the tide of COVID-19 cases in the province, Premier ...

Police say arrested 104 participants of anti-lockdown protests in London

Moscow/Sputnik: The Metropolitan Police said 104 participants of the rally against the coronavirus-linked lockdown in London had been arrested over the breach of restrictions.

Protests against COVID-19 quarantine in Barcelona result in clashes: Law Enforcement Body

Madrid/Sputnik: The rally against the coronavirus-linked quarantine in the Spanish city of Barcelona has resulted in clashes between protesters and police, the Catalan law enforcement bod ...

UK Health Minister tells public to follow COVID-19 rules or face national lock down

London/Sputnik: UK Health Minister Matt Hancock urged people on Sunday to follow social distancing restrictions to avoid another national lockdown, as the United Kingdom is on the brink o ...

Covid-19: South Africa to lift overnight curfew, allow liquor sales from September 20

Cape Town: South Africa has eased its lockdown following months of strict anti-covid19 measures.

Pakistan: Gilgit-Baltistan businessmen 'suffer' due to govt's incompetence in handling COVID-19 lockdown

Islamabad: Small businessmen in Pakistan's Gilgit-Baltistan region have alleged that they are suffering due to discriminatory and unprofessional conduct of the authorities at this tim ...

Extremists taking advantage of global COVID-19 lockdowns to recruit youths online: UN chief Antonio Guterres

Geneva:  UN chief Antonio Guterres alerted the world that extremist groups are taking advantage of the COVID-19 lockdowns and have intensified their efforts to recruit youths online ...