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Taipei: Taipei's Defence Ministry on Wednesday slammed China for its planned live-fire military drills in the six maritime areas near Taiwan from August 4 to 7, saying it is an "attempt to blockade the island" and poses a threat to regional security. more
China suspends export of natural sand to Taiwan: Ministry

Beijing:  The export of natural sand to the Taiwan region will be suspended starting Wednesday, the Ministry of Commerce (MOC) said.

Beijing now steps up use of combat aircraft in Taiwan sorties

Beijing: Beijing has steadily increased the number of combat aircraft flying into Taiwan’s air defence identification zone and further south in the Bashi Channel which analysts have ...

China warns US that any attempt to make Taiwan independent will trigger military action

Beijing: China has warned the US that any attempt to make Taiwan, a region which has been engaged in a dispute with Beijing for a long time, independent  will trigger military action ...

Taiwan defence ministry says 19 Chinese warplanes recently entered its air defence zone

Taipei: Taiwan government has said a large incursion of Chinese military jets occurred in its air defence zone on Sunday, giving fuel to trigger conflict with Beijing.