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Beijing: Scientists have warned that China is going to fight against multiple waves of coronavirus infections as the Omicron variant mutates to become better at spreading and evading immunity. more
China COVID-19 surge: People turn to black market for generic Indian drugs

Beijing: Chinese residents are turning to the black market for generic Covid-19 drugs as the country is combating the rise in infection in the country, media reports said on Wednesday.

China to end COVID-19 quarantine for travellers from Jan 8 despite surge in cases

Beijing: China, a nation currently struggling to contain the rising COVID-19 cases,  will scrap quarantine for travellers from 8 January, media reports said.

Chinese provinces report blood shortages amid COVID-19 surge

Beijing: The fast-spreading COVID-19 infection in China is causing blood shortages across hospitals in various provinces in the nation, media reports said on Monday.

COVID-19 outbreaks in China expose failure of Chinese Communist Party and its vaccine

Beijing: China's COVID-19 pandemic case rise in recent times showed the government's failure in securing safe vaccines for its population, media reports said on Tuesday.

China’s zero-Covid protests: Twitter, Telegram rise in popularity

Beijing: An app market researcher has found social media platforms like Twitter and Telegram, which are blocked in mainland China and only accessible via virtual private networks (VPNs), ...

Pakistan PM Shehbaz Sharif tests COVID-19 positive

Islamabad: Information Minister Marriyum Aurangzeb on Tuesday said Pakistan PM Shehbaz Sharif has tested COVID-19 positive.

China fights COVID-19: Central Chongqing residents asked to limit movement

Beijing: Residents in 11 central urban districts in Chongqing are being urged not to leave their regions, and people from outside are being asked not to come in unless necessary, Li Pan, ...

COVID-19 in China: Area around world's biggest iPhone plant put under lockdown

Zhengzhou: Chinese authorities have imposed a lockdown in Zhengzhou district, a region that houses the world's largest iPhone factory, to combat Covid-19 spread, media reports said.

COVID-19: Shanghai Disney Resort stops operation with visitors still present inside

Shanghai:  Shanghai’s Disney Resort stops operation abruptly to comply COVID-19 prevention measures, with visitors still present inside it, media reports said on Monday.