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The UN aviation agency on Wednesday announced that air traffic levels were operating at around two per cent above their high in 2019, before the COVID-19 pandemic grounded much of the world’s population in lockdown. more
German Chancellor Olaf Scholz tests COVID-19 positive

Berlin, Dec 18 (UNI) German Chancellor Olaf Scholz said on Monday he had been tested positive for COVID-19, expressing hope that the disease would be mild.

US First Lady Jill Biden tests COVID-19 positive

US First Lady Jill Biden has tested positive for COVID-19, the White House confirmed on Tuesday.

Cocaine trafficking surges following COVID-19-related slowdown

New York: Routed through new hubs and expanded criminal networks, cocaine trafficking has made a dramatic comeback following an initial slowdown caused by the emergence of COVID-19, the U ...

Tracing origin: FBI director Christopher Wray says COVID pandemic 'most likely' originated from Chinese lab

Washington: FBI Director Christopher Wray has said the bureau believes that the COVID-19 virus, which wreaked havoc across the globe since 2020, "most likely" originated in a &q ...

Caribbean carnival performers take stage to fight COVID disinformation

New York: In Trinidad and Tobago, some performers have been tapping into traditional art forms ahead of the carnival on February 20-21 to encourage their communities to continue following ...

Scientists warn China can expect repeat Covid infections with new Omicron strains on the way

Beijing: Scientists have warned that China is going to fight against multiple waves of coronavirus infections as the Omicron variant mutates to become better at spreading and evading immu ...

China COVID-19 surge: People turn to black market for generic Indian drugs

Beijing: Chinese residents are turning to the black market for generic Covid-19 drugs as the country is combating the rise in infection in the country, media reports said on Wednesday.

China to end COVID-19 quarantine for travellers from Jan 8 despite surge in cases

Beijing: China, a nation currently struggling to contain the rising COVID-19 cases,  will scrap quarantine for travellers from 8 January, media reports said.

Chinese provinces report blood shortages amid COVID-19 surge

Beijing: The fast-spreading COVID-19 infection in China is causing blood shortages across hospitals in various provinces in the nation, media reports said on Monday.