New York: A new analysis of the USC Dornsife’s Understanding Coronavirus in America Study has found that women, particularly those without a college degree, suffered more job losses than men and bore significantly greater responsibility for childcare during the COVID-19 pandemic. more
WHO concerned about COVID-19 impact on women, children and adolescents

Geneva/Xinhua: The World Health Organization (WHO) said Friday it is "especially concerned" about the impact of COVID-19 on women, children and adolescents.

Amid COVID-19 constraints, UN women’s commission meets to push gender equality forward

New York : Despite constraints imposed by the new coronavirus disease, activists for gender equality gathered at UN Headquarters on Monday for the latest session of the Commission on the ...

Alarming number of women mistreated during childbirth, new UN health agency figures show

New York: More than a third of women surveyed across four lower-income countries, reported being mistreated during childbirth, a new study led by the World Health Organization (WHO) has r ...

Pioneer of work in women’s reproductive health appointed head of UN Population Fund

New York, Oct 4(Just Earth News): United Nations Secretary-General António Guterres on Tuesday appointed Natalia Kanem of Panama to head the UN’s women’s health agency.

Migraine: Women more likely than men to fall prey

New Delhi, Aug 26 (JEN): Women are more likely to experience headaches than their male counterparts, says a recent article.

Iraq: UN agency ramps up emergency medical care to women and girls affected by conflict

New York, Apr 11(Just Earth News): The United Nations population agency, with financial support from the European Union (EU), has increased its humanitarian response in Iraq to meet the urge ...

Even as HIV treatment soars, young women still face high infection risk, UN warns

New York, Nov 22 (Just Earth News): The United Nations warned on Monday that while more people than ever are accessing antiretroviral treatment for HIV, girls aged 15 to 24, transitioning to ...

UN agency responding to severe health risks women and girls face amid Mosul military operation

New York, Nov 10 (Just Earth News): The United Nations estimates that 1.2 to 1.5 million people are currently being affected by the military operations underway to retake Mosul from the Isla ...

UNICEF completes mobile health campaign aimed at children and women in Yemen

New York, Oct 1(Just Earth News): The United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) has reported that, along with its partners, the agency has completed a drive reaching more than 600,000 c ...