New York : The UN Secretary-General is calling for greater protection of journalists who are providing the “antidote” to what he has characterized as a pandemic of misinformation surrounding the COVID-19 crisis. more
Kuwait rejects online anti-India propaganda, reposes faith in friendship of two nations

New Delhi: Days after Twitter deleted fake handles attributed to royal family members of the Gulf countries which were used to target and  spread false news about India, Kuwait has n ...

During this coronavirus pandemic, ‘fake news’ is putting lives at risk: UNESCO

New York : Unreliable and false information is spreading around the world to such an extent, that some commentators are now referring to the new avalanche of misinformation that’s a ...

Donald Trump announces 'fake news' awards

Washington: US President Donald Trump had earlier promised that he'll announce the winners of 'fake news' and on Wednesday he did just that.

Angry Trump slams US media, calls it 'a stain' on America

Washington, Dec 11 (JEN): An angry Donald Trump slammed the US media, after a Washington Post journalist riled him with a picture from the President's Pensacola speech.