Beijing/Tokyo/Canberra: Amid escalating Chinese military aggression in the South China Sea, Japan, South Korea, Australia and Singapore are increasing their military budgets and spending as a response to the aggression they have experienced from Beijing. more
US vows to use global clout to defend Taiwan from China

Washington: Top US officials have said the nation will use its global clout and alliances to strengthen Taiwan’s defence, international presence and economy, including its vital sem ...

New Zealand Minister warns China ‘storm’ could be coming

Wellington: New Zealand foreign minister Nanaia Mahuta has warned that her nation might find itself in the heart of a “storm” of anger from China in the upcoming days.

China-Nepal relationship hits a low as border pillars go missing in Daulkha

Kathmandu: China is once again showing its aggressive stance against neighbour Nepal as border pillars went missing in the Daulkha district of the Himalayan nation, media reports said.

Expert believes China forcing India, Australia, Japan and US to unite in preparation for major conflict

A senior geopolitical expert has said  China's international aggression is causing countries to band together.

Fighting Chinese: India, Australia, France vow to create rules-based Indo-Pacific

London: India’s External Affairs Minister, Dr. S. Jaishankar, France’s Minister for Europe and Foreign Affairs, Jean-Yves Le Drian, and Australia’s Minister for Foreign ...

Chinese coercion: Taiwan thanks US for 'rock-solid support'

Taipei: Taiwan government has thanked the USA for its commitment of "rock-solid support" against China's coercion.

China planning to combine all ethnic minorities into singular national identity: Reports

Beijing: China is believed to be engaging in the practice of combining all the different ethnic minorities in China into a singular national identity and thereby imposing the Chinese Comm ...

Think tank suggests US Pentagon to focus on China in national defence strategy

Washington: Keeping in mind the Chinese aggression,  a US-based think tank has said that the Pentagon should start the year-long effort this winter to prepare a new National Defense ...