With the war in Afghanistan now in “a new, deadlier, and more destructive phase”, the top UN official in the country appealed on Friday for the Security Council to act to avert a catastrophe. more
Afghanistan Conflict: Taliban terrorists kill nearly 1000 people in Kandahar

Kabul: The Taliban terrorists killed close to 1000 people as they overran the Afghan province of Kandahar in the past month, The Times reported quoting a local police officer.

Watchdog says Afghanistan witnessed 80 pct increase in civilian casualties

Kabul: The Afghanistan Independent Human Rights Commission recently released its report where it said 1,677 civilians were killed and 3,644 more were wounded in the first six months of th ...

Afghanistan: Taliban forces ask people in southern Ghazni province to grow beard, avoid using smartphones

Kabul: The Taliban forces have started dominating over people in the regions they are capturing in Afghanistan.

Taliban is committing violation of human rights in Afghanistan: Minister

Kabul: Justice Minister Fazel Ahmad Manawi has sent out a strong message to Taliban and said the group is guilty of war crimes for torturing and killing war hostages.

Afghans who worked for foreign govts now facing 'increasing threats' amid Taliban resurgence

Kabul: Interpreters and other Afghans who worked for the US government over the last 20 years said they are facing ' increasing threats' against their lives as foreign forces are ...

Afghanistan: Taliban videos of violence against women, civilians go viral

Kabul: Taliban terrorists, who have captured several regions in Afghanistan, have started violating human rights by torturing civilians in the country.

Afghanistan: Taliban militants kill comedian Nazar Mohammad, social media users condemn

Kabul: Social media is abuzz over the death of Afghanistani comedian Nazar Mohammad who was killed by suspected Taliban forces in the war-hit nation recently.

Dark days return for women in Afghanistan as Taliban members make comeback

Dark days are returning for women in Afghanistan as the Taliban is slowly capturing  regions in the South Asian country where foreign troops are slowly moving out after decades of wa ...

US report warns Taliban's return to power may undo Afghan women's advances

Kabul: A US intelligence has warned in its classified report that in case Taliban forces return to power in Afghanistan then it would risk undoing the gains made in women's rights sin ...