London: Marking the 12th anniversary of the anti-Uyghur Urumqi massacre of 2009, members of the Uyghurs and the Tibetan communities demonstrated outside the Chinese embassy in London recently. more
Hague: Pro Uyghur body stages demonstrate outside Chinese Embassy

Hague: Celebrating  Doppa Day on May 5,  a demonstration was staged in front of the Chinese Embassy here in the Netherlands by Hague based non-profit group Global Human Rights D ...

Tibetans demonstrate outside Chinese embassy in Paris against death of young monk Tenzin Nyima

Paris: The Tibetan community demonstrated outside the Chinese Embassy in French capital Paris recently against the death of Tibetan monk Tenzin Nyima.

Norway: Hundreds demonstrate outside Chinese Embassy in Oslo to mark Tibetan Uprising Day

Oslo: Hundreds of Tibetan activists marched down to the Chinese Embassy in Norway's capital Oslo city and protested in front of the building to mark the Tibetan Uprising Day recently. ...