Kabul: Afghan authorities have stopped letting female students attend universities following the decision of the Taliban (sanctioned by the UN for terrorism) to suspend higher education for women in the country, a female Afghan student told Sputnik on Wednesday. more
Afghanistan: Taliban bans women from attending universities

Kabul: The Taliban administrators of Afghanistan have banned women from going to universities.

Afghanistan: Taliban urged to halt public floggings and executions

New York: The resumption of public floggings and executions in Afghanistan must stop immediately, a group of independent UN human rights experts said on Friday in an appeal to the ruling ...

Afghanistan: Taliban conducts first public execution since returning to power last year

Kabul: The Taliban ruled Afghanistan government has conducted the first public execution since coming to power in the country last year.

Taliban defends banning of VOA, RFE/RL, USAGM CEO slams

Kabul: The Taliban administration of Afghanistan has defended banning FM radio broadcasts from two U.S.-funded news media, including the Voice of America (VOA), in Afghanistan, by allegin ...

Afghanistan: Teen commits suicide by hanging after father forces him to work

Kabul: A 16-year-old child committed suicide by hanging himself in Kandahar police district 4 of Afghanistan, media reports said on Friday.

Afghanistan families selling off their belongings to meet their ends: Reports

Kabul: Afghan daily members are selling off their  belongings in order to meet their ends as the country is struggling amid Taliban rule.

Afghanistan: Unknown gunmen kills woman in Gurziwan

Kabul: Unidentified people shot dead a woman in Afghanistan's Gurziwan district, media reports said on Monday.

Afghanistan: EU condemns Taliban's latest move of barring women from entering parks, gyms

Brussels: The European Union has condemned the additional restrictions imposed by the Taliban on women’s freedom of movement, including the newly announced rules barring women from ...

Afghanistan: Taliban directs judges to impose full enforcement of Sharia Law

Kabul:  Taliban leader Haibatullah Akhundzada has ordered judges in Afghanistan to impose their interpretation of the Sharia Law, a move which experts believe might further deteriora ...