Jalalabad/UNI/Xinhua: Unknown armed men shot dead a religious scholar who served as a prayer leader at a local mosque in Behsoud district of Afghanistan's eastern Nangarhar province on Monday, a local official said. more
Islamic State threatens Shi’ite Muslims will be targeted everywhere

Kabul: Terror group Islamic State has said Shi’ite Muslims will be targeted everywhere by them.

Afghanistan Conflict: Islamic State terror group claims responsibility for Kandahar mosque blasts

Kabul: The Islamic State terrorist group has claimed responsibility for the blasts in a  Shite mosque in Kandahar province on Friday which left over 60 people dead.

Afghanistan Conflict: Blast hits Shia mosque in Kandahar, 16 die

Kandahar: At least 16 people died and 32 others were injured as a blast rocked a Shia mosque in Afghanistan's  Kandahar province on Friday, media reports said.

Russian security official warns illegal arms trade may skyrocket due to Afghan quandary

Moscow: Deputy Secretary of Russia’s Security Council Alexander Venediktov on Tuesday warned illegal arms trade may spike amid conflict in Afghanistan.

Afghanistan: US,UK governments ask citizens to stay away from Serena hotel in Kabul

London/Washington: The US and UK governments have issued advisories to its citizens where they have asked them to stay away from the Serena hotel in Kabul amid security threats.

Islamic State Khorasan Province claims responsibility for blast in Afghanistan mosque

Kunduz: Islamic State Khorasan Province (IKSP), the Afghan regional affiliate of the Islamic State group, has claimed responsibility for the blast which hit a mosque in Afghanistan's ...

Afghanistan Crisis: Deadly attack targeting Kunduz mosque leaves 50 dead

Kunduz: At least 50 people were killed as a suicide bomber targeted a mosuqe during Friday prayer in Afghanistan's Kunduz region on Friday, media reports said.

Afghanistan: Taliban take control over local radio station in Laghman province

Kabul: The heads of Radio Khyber Nawekht, a local radio station in Laghman province in Afghanistan, has claimed the Taliban insurgents entered the radio compound and took control of it af ...

Afghanistan: Poverty forces displaced mother to sell infant to treat sick daughter

Kabul: A displaced Afghan mother, who is driven by poverty, was forced to sell her infant to treat her 13-year-old daughter who is sick.