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Missing ex-Chinese Foreign Minister Qin Gang dead: Report

Just Earth News | @justearthnews | 07 Dec 2023, 05:28 am Print

Missing ex-Chinese Foreign Minister Qin Gang dead: Report

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China's former Foreign Minister, Qin Gang, who was dismissed from his role in July, is reported to have died, with speculation suggesting suicide or torture.

Qin garnered international attention when he mysteriously disappeared, sparking speculation about the potential involvement of the Chinese government. The leader had become embroiled in a scandal, adding intrigue to his sudden absence.

According to sources familiar with high-ranking Chinese officials, Qin's death allegedly occurred in late July at a military hospital in Beijing known for treating the country's top leaders, Politico reported.

The Wall Street Journal had reported that Qin was involved in an extramarital affair during his tenure as ambassador to the United States.

The report also indicated that Qin was cooperating with an investigation focused on whether his conduct or the affair had compromised China's national security.

Qin, 57, who was a career diplomat and trusted aide of Chinese leader Xi Jinping, was appointed as the Foreign Minister of the country in December.

He was removed from office on July 25 in a sudden move approved by the top decision-making body of China’s rubber-stamp parliament. It came as the mystery swirled around the fate of Qin, who had not been seen in public for a month.

Senior Chinese officials were informed that an internal Communist Party inquiry found Qin had been involved in the affair throughout his time as China's ambassador to the United States, leading to the birth of a child in the U.S.

In July, Qin was replaced by seasoned diplomat Wang Yi as the foreign minister, following a mysterious one-month absence from his duties just six months into the job.

Qin had served as China's top envoy in Washington from July 2021 until January of the same year.