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London: British media giant BBC has invested more than £150 million ($205 million) in Chinese state-owned companies accused of links to appalling human rights violations, media reports said on Saturday. more
Jakarta witnesses protests over China's treatment towards Uyghurs, demonstrators demand boycotting of 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics

Jakarta: Indonesian capital Jakarta on Friday witnessed protests as demonstrators demanded boycotting of the 2022 Winter Olympics in Beijing over China's treatment of Uighur Muslims i ...

Flood in Chinese building leaves 9 dead : Authorities

Chengdu/UNI/Xinhua: Nine people were confirmed dead after a building flooded at a power station in Ganzi Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture, China's Sichuan Province, authorities said on F ...

UK's MI5 spy agency issues warning over presence of 'Chinese agent' in British Parliament

London: The United Kingdom's domestic counter-intelligence and security agency, The Security service, MI5, has warned that an alleged Chinese agent has infiltrated Parliament to inter ...

Blinken targets China for imposing sanction on family members of Uyghur-American activists

Washington: The US State Department has asked China to cease its acts of transnational repression, including coercive practices of imprisoning and denying freedom of movement to family me ...

More than 4,000 Chinese students sent to quarantine

Beijing: More than 4,000 students in China's Anyang city have been sent to quarantine after several cases were detected in their school.

China: 16 killed, 10 injured in canteen blast

Chongqing/UNI/Xinhua: Sixteen people were killed and 10 injured, one critically, after a blast rocked a canteen of a subdistrict office in Wulong District, southwest China's Chongqing ...

COVID strategy: China set to remain closed for all of 2022

Beijing: Goldman Sachs Group Inc group has said China's border restriction will remain for the entirety of 2022 as the country gears up for important international events, such as the ...

China: Blast in canteen leaves 20 people trapped, rescue operation on

Beijing: A blast hit a canteen of a subdistrict office in Wulong District of China on Friday left at least 20 people trapped under the debris.

China: Landslide kills 14

Beijing: A landslide in China's Bijie city has killed 14 people, authorities said on Tuesday.