Global Headlines
Beijing: Tension between Japan and China has heated up as both countries are building up their militaries and boosting maritime activity. more
Nepal civic group demonstrate against China for unilaterally laying 150m long wire fence within no-man’s land in Gorkha

Kathmandu: A Nepali civic group named Rastriya Ekata Abhiyan recently demonstrated in Kathmandu against China for unilaterally laying a 150-meter-long wire fence within no-man’s lan ...

Tibet: China decides to relocate 17,555 people from high-altitude places in Nagqu City

Chinese authorities have decided to relocate 17,555 people  from high-altitude places in Nagqu City, southwest China's Tibet Autonomous Region, media reports said on Tuesday.

America asks China to fulfill pledge to fight illegal fishing

Washington/UNI/Sputnik: The United States urges China to fulfill its commitment to fight illegal, unreported, and unregulated fishing (IUU), a senior US administration official said on Mo ...

Xi Jinping's close ally Wang Xiaohong appointed as China's new public security chief

Beijing: Wang Xiaohong, a close ally of the Chinese President Xi Jinping, has been appointed as China’s new public security chief, media reports said on Monday.

China indicts two Taiwanese officials on spying charges

Beijing/Taipei: China has indicted two Taiwanese officials on national security charges after accusing them of accepting bribes from a known Chinese spy to set up an espionage ring in Tai ...

G7 details $600bn plan to rival China

Munich: To counter China's Belt and Road plan, the G7 leaders have detailed plans to mobilise $600 billion in funding for the developing world.

Sri Lanka's experience questions China's 'all-weather friend' tag

Beijing: A senior journalist has said despite its best efforts it is hard for China to become an “all-weather friend” and this is evident from the recent developments in Sri L ...

Ukraine War: Russia becomes biggest oil supplier of China

Moscow/Beijing: Russia has sold crude oil to Beijing at a discounted rate, making it the biggest supplier of oil to China.

China breached city autonomy pledge ‘comprehensively’, says Hong Kong’s last British governor Chris Patten

London/Hong Kong: Hong Kong’s last British governor Chris Patten has targeted China and said it has “breached comprehensively” in recent years the promise of guaranteein ...