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COVID-19 outbreaks in China expose failure of Chinese Communist Party and its vaccine

Beijing: China's COVID-19 pandemic case rise in recent times showed the government's failure in securing safe vaccines for its population, media reports said on Tuesday.

Will lead 'ChinaGoHome' campaign if China does not help restructure Sri Lankan debt: Prominent Tamil legislator warns

Colombo: A prominent Sri Lankan politician has warned that he will start a “ChinaGoHome” campaign if the Chinese Embassy and its government do not work for the benefit of his ...

Four million doses of China-donated vaccines may never be used in Nepal

Kathmandu: Four million doses of Sinovac-CoronaVac Covid-19 vaccine doses, which were supplied to Nepal by China some 10 months ago, may not be rolled out ever, media reports said on Tues ...

Foxconn plant violations: Apple plans to shift production outside China, especially to India, Vietnam

Beijing: US-based tech giant Apple is planning to accelerate its plans to shift the production of some of its products outside China and even telling suppliers to plan more for assembling ...

China’s zero-Covid protests: Twitter, Telegram rise in popularity

Beijing: An app market researcher has found social media platforms like Twitter and Telegram, which are blocked in mainland China and only accessible via virtual private networks (VPNs), ...

Ottawa 'police stations': Canada issues ‘cease and desist’ warning to China

Ottawa: Canadian authorities have now summoned Beijing’s ambassador following reports of a network of illegal Chinese “police stations” in the country, media reports sai ...

China: Fire breaks out at factory, five die

Nanjing: At least five people died and two others were hurt as a fire broke out at a construction site in Xuzhou city of China, media reports said on Saturday.

China: Air traffic shrinks amid COVID lockdown, restrictions in several regions

Beijing: China's air traffic movement is shrinking once again as lockdowns and several other restrictions have been imposed by authorities in different corners of the country to limit ...

Thailand planning to cancel Submarine deal with China: Reports

The Thailand government is planning to renege on a contentious submarine contract with China if the requirements of the procurement cannot be completed, media reports said on Wednesday.