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COVID-19: China tightens ban on 'non-essential' overseas travel

Just Earth News | @justearthnews | 14 May 2022, 11:18 am Print

COVID-19: China tightens ban on 'non-essential' overseas travel China COVID Surge

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Beijing: China, which is witnessing a tough fight against COVID-19, has imposed a de facto international travel ban that forbids citizens from  going overseas for "non-essential" reasons.

In a statement Thursday, the Chinese National Immigration Administration said it would tighten its reviewing process on issuing travel documents such as passports, and strictly limit those looking to leave, reports CNN.

The administration justified the measures by claiming it was necessary to "reduce the risk of infection when leaving the country, and of carrying the virus when entering the country."

Travel will only be permitted for "essential" purposes, defined by the administration as resuming work, study, business and scientific research, as well as seeking medical care, the American news channel reported.

Those who need to go abroad to help with fighting the pandemic, or transporting disaster relief resources will have their applications expedited, according to the announcement.

China has imposed strict measures in Shanghai city to fight COVID-19.

The viral spike has been reported from several other cities of the country as well.