Individual Consultant (IC) Technical Advisor for the African Union Governance Campus Project


Organization Name: African Union Commission
Location: Regional / Global
Apply email: Not Specified
Start Date: 25-March-2020
Closing Date: 22-April-2020



Procurement Number: APRM/002/SIDA/ AFGC /2020


The African Peer Review Mechanism has received financing from the Swedish International Developed Agency (SIDA), and intends to apply part of the agreed amount for this grant as payments towards the procurement of Individual Consultant (IC) Technical Advisor for the African Union Governance Campus Project

The African Peer Review Mechanism (APRM), the African Governance Architecture (AGA) and other African Union institutions are establishing an accredited, post-graduate level Governance in Africa training programme. titled the ‘African Union Governance Campus’. This is a virtual campus envisaged to deliver training programmes across the continent through partnerships with several universities and schools of government. The programmes, which will deliver accredited courses at post-graduate certificate, masters and doctoral level, will offer two streams: an academic stream and an executive stream.

The APRM will develop, design and coordinate the programme in collaboration with one Main Partner Institution which is a University or School of Government and five universities and schools of government as Regional Anchors – one from each region of the African Union. It is envisaged that the Campus will be governed by a Continental Steering Group (CSG) and its technical aspects will be overseen by a Continental Technical Advisory Group (CTAG). Both the CSG and CTAG shall be responsible for oversight and provide policy and strategic direction for management of the programmes of the African Union Governance Campus.

This Expression of Interest and Call for Applications seeks to solicit submissions from interested renown African academics to provide technical services to the African Union Governance Campus Project.



The African Peer Review Mechanism (APRM) is an autonomous entity of the African Union, (AU) established the African Peer Review Mechanism (APRM) in 2003 as a governance self-assessment and per review instrument. The APRM has the mandate to promote and facilitate self-monitoring by the participating States, to ensure that their policies and practices conform to the agreed political, economic, corporate governance and socio-economic values, codes and standards contained in the Declaration on Democracy, Political, Economic and Corporate Governance; and the African Charter on Democracy, Elections and Governance, as well as other relevant African Union and international treaties, conventions and instruments.

In support of the work of the Programme Advisory Committee, the APRM is soliciting the services of a renown academic in the discipline of governance to provide technical advisory services to the African Union Governance Campus Project. The role has been designated Technical Advisor to the African Union Governance Campus Project”. The Technical Advisor’s Terms of Reference are stipulated below.

The APRM Continental Secretariat recognizes the technical complexity of the content and processes involved in the establishment and implementation of the African Union Governance Campus Project. To this end the APRM seeks the services of a renown academic with relevant experience in developing and managing curricula and training programmes to serve as Technical Advisor. The Technical Advisor shall form part of a Technical Advisory Committee of the African Union Governance Campus Project. The Technical Advisor shall report to the APRM Continental Secretariat.

The Technical Advisor shall work with the Advisory Committee to perform the following functions:

• Provide technical support on the conceptualization of the African Union Governance Campus Project.
• Provide technical support on the development of the inaugural programmes of the African Union Governance Campus Project.
• Participate in the development of memoranda of agreement with the Main Partner Institution and Regional Anchors.
• Identify and consult stakeholders to facilitate the development of the programmes of the AGC in collaboration with the APRM’s AGC Project team, the Main Partner Institution and Regional Anchors.
• Provide guidance to the African Union Governance Campus curricula development and quality assurance processes.


The objective of the advisory services is to provide technical guidance and direction to the establishment and delivery of the training programme of the African Union Governance Campus through the Continental Technical Advisory Group (CTAG)


The Technical Advisor shall provide expert advice to the African Union Governance Campus Project on the development, delivery and quality assurance of academic and training programs of the Campus to ensure that the approaches, methods of instruction and course contents sufficiently reflect the context and aspirations espoused in relevant African Union frameworks and instruments.


Under the guidance and strategic direction of the APRM, the Technical Advisor shall, within the policies and procedures of the African Union APRM:

• Be responsible for developing the framework for establishing the AGC
• Review materials and guide processes relating to planning, preparation and implementation of all organizational activities of the African Union Governance Campus Project.
• Work with APRM and relevant African Union bodies to establish the African Union Governance Campus.
• Design and support the coordination of the curricula.
• Support the development of a work plan based on all relevant documentation, including support to the consultation and approval processes.
• Plan all curricula development phases, including activities, timelines, budget and expected outputs from each activity.
• Outline the research needed to inform the curricula development.
• Provide technical direction on relevant and detailed Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) for administration and management of training programme delivery.
• Make recommendations on comparative approaches on curricula development and ensuring that comprehensive literature reviews are conducted showcasing new and innovative practices.
• Provide technical input into the planning, development, field-testing, and evaluation of the curricula.
• Draft materials as needed with input from implementing institutions and experts.
• Facilitate technical meetings and workshops as per agreed roadmaps and prepare reports to demonstrate progress on the agreed deliverables.


• Draft Framework for the development of the training program of the African Union Governance
• Academic and training curricula of the African Governance Campus
• Bi-weekly updates to the Head of the Research, Methodology and Development Division and the APRM Secretariat Lead on the African Union Governance Campus Project; and
• Related outputs as may be mutually determined from time to time between the Technical Advisor, the Head of the Research, Methodology and Development Division and approved by the CEO of the APRM Continental Secretariat.


The Consultant reports to the Head of the Research, Methodology and Development Division on all issues pertaining to the management of the project and to the Technical Project Coordinator for all technical aspects.

Person specification

The minimum shortlisting criteria for the consultant shall be as follows:

• A minimum of a PHD Degree in a relevant field such as: African studies, development studies, economics, international relations, law, political science, public administration, social sciences, peace and security studies or related field of study.
• Must have attained the rank of associate professor or full professor.
• Must have record of publishing consistently in peer-reviewed journals, within the last 10 years.
• A minimum of 15 years relevant working experience with faculty at a training or academic institution.
• Must have a track-record of curriculum development in the last 5 years in one or more of the following programmes one of which must have been for an African University or Higher Learning Institution: i. African studies, ii. Development studies, iii. Economics, iv. International relations, v. Law, vi. Political Science, vii. Public Administration, viii. Peace and Security Studies, and ix. social sciences.
• Must be a citizen of an African Union Member State.

Mandatory requirements (shortlisting criteria)

• Certified copy of academic degree certificates
• List of publications in peer-reviewed journals
• List of curricula developed with renown academic or training institution(s)
• Proof of affiliation to an academic or a training institution
• Letter of appointment to professorship
• Registration with a relevant regulatory authority or association
• Proof of citizenship with an African country (Passport or Identity documents)

Technical evaluation criteria

Qualification and Experience & Weight

Experience - 30

PHD and 15 years - 20

Professorship 15-20 years - 25

Professorship 20+ years - 30

Strong background curriculum development - 30

Response to TORS, Methodology, Workplan - 30

Knowledge on Project Management - 10

The Minimum Technical score shall be 80 and only bidders who score the minimum technical score shall be invited to submit a financial proposal.

Duration of assignment

The assignment shall be for a period of 6 months and shall commence from May to October 2020


The Consultant shall submit certified copies of documents in line with the minimum requirements as listed above, as well as a Technical Proposal clearly marked ‘Technical Proposal for REOI: APRM/AFGC/03/2020’ (Technical Proposal not more than 20 pages and a financial proposal indicating how much they would charge for the consultancy service in USD) ). This should be submitted alongside shortlisting requirements and should be submitted to E-mail:

All submissions MUST be through email or delivered to the APRM Continental Secretariat offices on or before 20th April 2020 at 11.00hrs local time . Eligible women are encouraged to apply. The REOI shall be opened immediately after the closing date and time.

All applications in writing should be accompanied by up-to-date Certified Curriculum Vitae and supporting documents (Note: do not send originals) with the names and addresses of three referees, one of which should be the last consultancy and addressed to:

Project Coordinator
African Peer Review Mechanism
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