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US offers North Korea 60 mn doses of Covid-19 vaccine

Just Earth News | @justearthnews | 21 Jan 2022, 05:03 am Print

US offers North Korea 60 mn doses of Covid-19 vaccine US-North Korea

Image: Pixabay

Seoul/UNI/Sputnik: Washington has offered to provide North Korea with 60 million doses of Covid-19 vaccine through the United Nations tools, which Pyongyang has greeted with enthusiasm although it has not officially responded yet, South Korean lawmaker and Chairman of the Intelligence Committee of the National Assembly Kim Kyung-hyup said on Friday.

"The vaccines were offered as if from the UN. North Korean Ambassador to the UN Kim Song expressed considerable interest. He asked whether the vaccines were Pfizer's or Moderna's and said he would report to Pyongyang," Kim said, as quoted by Yonhap News Agency.

According to the media, the proposal was made in December, 2021, but Washington has yet to hear feedback from North Korea.

"The North's position is that it will reconsider if the US does not offer corresponding measures for its suspension of nuclear and intercontinental ballistic missile tests," the lawmaker reportedly added.

At the same time, Pyongyang has repeatedly said that the Covid-19 pandemic failed to penetrate the country.

However, the authorities continue to impose strict Covid-19 restrictions and strengthen border controls.

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