Beijing: Receiving flak, China has admitted that the nation could have done better and there is always room for betterment in handling the COVID-19 pandemic situation which is believed to have originated from Wuhan city and later spread across the globe. more
Hurting Beijing: Denmark govt mulls Taiwan's WHO return

Copenhagen: The Denmark parliament is considering a resolution to support Taiwan's bid to return to the World Health Organization, a step that might annoy China.

Hong Kong conflict: China targets US over 'blatant interference'

Beijing: China has condemned the US stance of blatant interfering in Hong Kong affairs, a region which is continuously in conflict with Beijing.

This is America's day: Joe Biden after taking oath as 46th US President

As Joe Biden took oath as the 46th President of the United States, he said this is "America's day. This is Democracy's day."

Pakistan-China spat over Belt Road Initiative, may delay CPEC

Islamabad: The annual bilateral summit of the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) has been delayed amid serious disagreement between the all-weather ally over the Belt and Road Initia ...

China is planning to expand foreign policy vision to Latin America: Expert

Beijing: China is slowly projecting to deepen its interest in Latin American commodities while further capitalizing on Latin America’s strategic proximity to the United States, a ge ...

Swiss government calls on voters to reject burqa, niqab ban in upcoming referendum

Bern/Sputnik: The Swiss government on Tuesday urged the country's voters to reject a proposal to ban full facial coverings, such as the Islamic burqa and niqab, in an upcoming March r ...

Canada to lobby Biden administration at the highest level in a bid to save Keystone XL

Ottawa/Sputnik: The Canadian government will lobby the "highest levels" of the incoming Biden administration in a bid to salvage the Keystone XL oil pipeline extension, Prime Mi ...

US Senate leader says Biden's inauguration will be 'safe and successful'

Washington/Sputnik: US Senate Republican Leader Mitch McConnell in a speech on Tuesday said President-elect Joe Biden's inauguration will be safe and successful.

Pak, Turkey are two countries 'but one nation': PAF chief

Istanbul:  Pakistan Air Force (PAF) Chief Marshal Mujahid Anwar Khan has said Pakistan and Turkey are "two countries, one nation", highlighting the growing bond between the ...