Washington: In another setback for the White House, US Ambassador to Panama, John Feeley, has quit his job stating he's no longer able to serve under Donald Trump. more
Trump's 'mine bigger than yours' tweet angers Twitterverse

Washington, Jan 3 (JEN): US President Donald Trump is a gifted man! He has a penchant for offending people with his blatant use of words (read tweets), something he does often.

Trump 'arm-twists' Palestine over Jerusalem issue; Threatens to cut off aid

Washington, Jan 3 (JEN): A day after threatening Pakistan with aid withdrawal, US President Donald Trump has rued the lack of respect and support from the beneficiaries, especially Palest ...

India, US condemn Kabul attack which killed at least 40 people

Washington/New Delhi, Dec 29 (JEN): Both India and the United States of America condemned the Kabul terror attack which led to the death of at least 40 people, while injuring 30 others.

Obama cautions against social media misuse

London, Dec 27 (JEN): Former US President Barack Obama has cautioned against the misuse of social media to spread false news.

After US, Guatemala to move embassy to Jerusalem

Guatemala City, Dec 25 (JEN): Last week, Guatemala was one of the nine nations to support America at the UN while the Jerusalem resolution was being passed. On Sunday, its President Jimmy ...

World wants peace, not death, says Trump as UN mounts sanctions on N Korea

Pyongyang/Washington, Dec 23 (JEN): It's been a hot and cold week for Donald Trump at the United Nations, albeit he came out a happy man.

Trump and co. slap new sanctions against North Korea, Chinese companies

Washington/Pyongyang/Beijing, Nov 22 (JEN): In a bid to tighten grip on North Korea and stop its nuclear programme, the United States has slapped new sanctions on Tuesday, a day after ret ...

New York Terror Attack: Trump wants to scrap US diversity program that allows immigration by lottery

Washington, Nov 2 (JEN): Reacting to the New York terror attack by an Islamist that killed eight in Lower Manhattan, US President Donal Trump said Wednesday he would try to abolish Diversity ...

Trump warns against the return of ISIS

Washington, Nov 1 (JEN): Following the US terror attack which killed at least eight people and injured 11 others, US President Donald Trump has warned his country against the return of the s ...