The United States has asked the World Health Organization (WHO) to invite Taiwan to participate as an observer at the upcoming annual meeting of the World Health Assembly. more
G7 voices concern on China's handling of Taiwan, Hong Kong, Xinjiang and South China Sea

London: The foreign ministers of Group of Seven (G7) countries have targeted China on issues like  Hong Kong, human rights violations in Xinjiang, and military build-up in the South ...

Chinese challenge: Taiwan gearing up to welcome Mike Pompeo

Taiwan is gearing up to welcome former US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo later this year, a development that might anger China further.

NASA calls Taiwan a 'nation', angers China

Beijing: US space agency NASA has emerged as the latest international body to hurt China by calling Taiwan a country.

Expert feels Taiwan-US coast guard agreement aims to halt Chinese military expansion

Beijing: An analyst has said the Taiwan-U.S. coast guard cooperation memorandum of cooperation has been signed  to counter China’s expansion.

Illegal fishing: Taiwan authorities detain Chinese fishing boat with 13 crew members

Taipei: Taiwan authorities have detained a Chinese fishing boat that was seized and its 13 crew members after they were caught fishing illegally near Pengjia Islet off the coast of Keelun ...

Experts fear harassment of Taiwan by Chinese Coast Guard vessels

Taipei: Experts believe that China's Coast Guard vessels could soon join People's Liberation Army's warplanes to harass Taiwan, media reports said.

Beijing urges US to cease support for pro-Taiwan independence forces, arms sales to island

Beijing/Sputnik: China has made strong appeals to the United States to refrain from sending false signals to the pro-Taiwan independence forces and stop selling arms to the island, Chines ...

China's ‘gray zone’ warfare against Taiwan touching high point: Expert

Being: Experts believe that Taiwan is facing increased threats from China through the expanded deployment of "gray zone conflict" tactics, media reports said.

Taiwan has right to interact with other countries, MOFA tells China

Taiwan's Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA) on Tuesday stated that the country is an independent nation and China has no rights to dictate its exchanges with other nations.