New York: Enormous challenges remain on the road to lasting peace in Colombia, where despite ongoing attacks and stigmatization, the vast majority of former FARC-EP fighters who laid down their weapons under a 2016 peace agreement with the Government, remain engaged in the reintegration process, the head of the UN mission in the South American country says. more
Colombia: Security Council hears of ‘epidemic of violence’ against civil society and ex-combatants

New York : While political actors in Colombia are uniting to confront COVID-19, they must also work together to fight “the epidemic of violence” against civil society leaders, ...

Colombia: ‘Significant strides’ towards integrated peace, UN envoy tells Security Council

New York : Colombia has continued to make “significant strides in its peace process”, the top UN envoy in the country told the Security Council on Monday.

Colombia’s peace process developments a ‘precious opportunity’ to end violence for good, says UN Mission head

New York: Thousands of former fighters from Colombia’s largest rebel group remain committed to the historic 2016 peace deal which ended more than five decades of civil conflict, but ...

Colombia offers nationality rights to Venezuelan children born there: UN hails ‘very important step’

New York, Aug 7 (JEN): The UN migration agency, IOM, has welcomed Colombia’s decision on Monday to grant nationality status to more than 24,000 Venezuelan babies born inside the cou ...

‘Firmly united’ Security Council can bolster Colombia’s efforts to secure lasting peace, says UN envoy

New York, July 20 (JEN): The Colombian peace process is an outstanding example of how much support the United Nations can provide when the Security Council is ‘firmly united’, ...

Venezuelan border returns to calm after intense day: official

Caracas, Feb 25 (Xinhua/UNI): Venezuela's border with Colombia was calm on Sunday, after an intense day over the attempted delivery of unauthorized foreign aid, a top official said.

UN diplomacy: political conflicts to watch in 2019

New York: As the world – and the United Nations – continues to grapple with political crises, we look at the political landscape with Under-Secretary-General for Political Aff ...

Colombian President calls for international support to ensure success of ‘fragile’ peace process

New York,  Describing himself as part of a new generation of Colombians, President Iván Duque Márquez told the United Nations General Assembly on Wednesday that in the ...

Brazil to deploy forces along border with Venezuela

Brasilia: Amid growing tensions, Brazil has announced that it will deploy forces along the Venezuelan border to guarantee law and order.