China to launch 'health certificates' for int'l travel - Foreign Minister

Just Earth News | @indiablooms | 07 Mar 2021, 07:15 am Print

China to launch 'health certificates' for int'l travel - Foreign Minister China

Image Credit: Pixabay

Beijing/Sputnik: China plans to introduce health certificates for international travelers and vaccinate citizens abroad in a bid to overcome the travel and work disruptions caused by the pandemic, Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi said on Sunday.

Wang made the statement during the annual grand press conference.

"We will roll out #HealthCertificates for international travelers to facilitate safe and orderly flow of personnel," Wang said, as quoted by Chinese Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Hua Chunying on Twitter.

This measure is within a set of "concrete actions" which the ministry expects to reassure citizens abroad that "our mission is to serve the people and we will leave no one behind" and that "diplomats will not stand back until the #pandemic is completely defeated."

"We will launch a #SpringVaccinationProgram to assist and secure #vaccination for our citizens with #Chinese or foreign #vaccines," the minister was quoted as saying.

China has so far approved four domestically-produced COVID-19 vaccines for emergency use, while another 17 vaccines are underway with clinical trials. Earlier in his speech, Wang asserted China's readiness to discuss the mutual recognition of COVID-19 vaccines with other countries.