Moscow/Sputnik: Sixty percent of US citizens believe that the coronavirus was created in the Wuhan laboratory in China and then leaked, which caused the pandemic, a poll conducted by the Fox News broadcaster reported. more
US planning to build combat-ready standing force on Australia's doorstep to counter China

Beijing: The US is looking to set up a combat-ready standing force on Australia's doorstep, an effort seen as a move to counter China's increasing presence in the Indo-Pacific reg ...

Chinese warplanes enter Taiwan air defence zone triggering tension

Beijing: Seven Chinese air force warplanes flew into Taiwan’s air defence identification zone on Thursday, adding more fuel to the conflict between the two regions.

China now opposes US Federal Commission’s vote to advance ban on Chinese equipment

Beijing: The Chinese government has 'firmly opposed'  US Federal Communications Commission’s (FCC) recent vote to advance a plan to ban equipment from Chinese firms inc ...

US vows to use global clout to defend Taiwan from China

Washington: Top US officials have said the nation will use its global clout and alliances to strengthen Taiwan’s defence, international presence and economy, including its vital sem ...

Japan calls upon nations to come together against China's stance on South China Sea

Tokyo: Japanese Defence Minister has asked  Europe, the United States and other Asian nations to come together to stand up to China's aggressive expansion policy in the South Chi ...

Australians mistrust Chinese govt: Study

Sydney: A survey conducted by University of Technology's Australia-China Relations Institute has found most Australians have expressed  concerns about Australia’s relations ...

Taiwan says 28 Chinese military planes flew into its air defence zone

Taiwan: Taiwan's Ministry of Defence said as many as 28 Chinese military planes flew into the country's Air Defense Identification Zones (ADIZ) on Tuesday.

China sends 28 military planes to Taiwan in biggest daily incursion so far

Taipei: In the largest incursion since last year, China Tuesday sent 28 military planes into Taiwan's Air Defence Identification Zone (ADIZ), according to Taiwan's ministry of def ...

China targets NATO leaders over "systemic challenges" comment

Beijing: China attacked NATO leaders over "systemic challenges" comment and accused the international organization of slandering its peaceful development.