A new report has found that China's top policy, legislative and advisory bodies were closely involved in the creation of the “Re-Education Internment Campaign” in Xinjiang that has sent some 1.8 million Uyghurs to detention camps and drawn genocide accusations against Beijing, media reports said. more
China is weaponizing ‘bacteria bombs’, fears Taiwan

Taiwan, a region engaged in a conflict with China, has started biowarfare defence drills amid fears that Beijing has weaponised a number of deadly pathogens including coronaviruses.

Australia dismisses China's criticism over its submarine deal with US

Canberra: Australia on Friday dismissed China's barb over its decision to buy nuclear-powered submarines from the US as part of the new Australia-US-Britain defence alliance on Wednes ...

China asked US to 'guide' Taliban amid fears of Uyghur separatists regrouping in Afghanistan

Afraid that the absence of security forces in Afghanistan might give an open ground to anti-Beijing elements to regroup in the region, China urged a top American diplomat in late August t ...

China urges US to unfreeze Afghanistan assets, thanks Taliban for assurance on Beijing's investments

Beijing: China on Wednesday called on the United States to unfreeze assets belonging to Afghanistan, and thanked the Taliban-controlled government for guaranteeing the security of Chinese ...

Chinese ambassador to UK Zheng Zeguang banned from British Parliament

London: Chinese Ambassador to the UK has been banned from attending the country's Parliament, media reports said on Wednesday.

Xi Jinping has not moved outside China for past 600 days

Beijing: China's President Xi Jinping has not left his nation for the past 600  days and experts believe it might further hamper the relationship with Western countries, accordin ...

Kamala Harris urges international community to challenge China's 'bullying'

Hanoi: US Vice President Kamala Harris has asked Vietnamese authorities that there is a need to put pressure on Beijing on its actions in the South China Sea.

Horse racing festival: 110 Tibetans detained for images on phone

Payul:  As many as 110 Tibetans who attended a horse racing festival were detained in Janglam Village in Nyanrong County in Tibet on Aug 9, media reports said.

Increasing tension in South China Sea could have 'major economic' implications across the globe: Expert

The Chinese government has now started building up its defences in the South China Sea to ward off any attack on the disputed waters which they claim to own.