Fresh blow for 'Benedict Arnold ally' Pakistan as US says no to anti-terror funding

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Fresh blow for 'Benedict Arnold ally' Pakistan as US says no to anti-terror funding
Washington/Islamabad, Jul 17 (JEN): Accusing Pakistan of betraying US' trust and referring them as 'Benedict Arnold ally', the latter has decided to stop aiding the former in their fight against terrorism.

Benedict Arnold was an 18th century American general, who changed sides to the British and was hence branded as a traitor.

Chucking the old tradition, where the US helped Pakistan with funds to eliminate terror, the Congress said that now the US Secretary of Defence will have to certify that the latter is not using the money to fund terror organisations.

The new law came into force after the US Congress passed the National Defence Authorization Act for 2017.

Speaking about the same, Republican Congressman Ted Poe tweeted on Jul 14: "Today, Congress took a step forward to end Pakistan's betrayal of the US with the addition of an additional certification requirement."

In a statement, he said: "Today, the House-passed bipartisan National Defense Authorization Act that helps to rebuild our military, increases funding to close readiness gaps, and gives our troops their biggest pay raise in eight years."

Accusing Pakistan of funding terrorist organisations and destabilising Afghanistan, Poe said: "Pakistan is a Benedict Arnold ally who supports multiple terrorist organizations, inc. groups that Americans working to stabilize Afg."

"This bill included two of my amendments to strengthen border security and require that the Pentagon assess Pakistan's support for known terrorists before handing over US dollars to Islamabad,' he further added.

Meanwhile, experts feel that the decision is partly based on findings by Rahmatullah Nabil, former chief of Afghan Spy Agency, the National Directorate of Security (NDS), who disclosed several classified informations which showed that the money provided by the US to Pakistan was used to fund and promote terror by the latter through the Inter-Services Intelligence, Pakistan's spy network.

Pakistan has also been very generous with terrorists, often playing the perfect host, proof of which lies in the arrest and prison-time of doctor Shakil Afridi.

Afridi, hailed as "doctor hero" by the US, is serving jail-time in his home country for traitorous action.

His fault was that he helped the CIA get hold of Osama bin-laden who was hiding in Abbottabad, Pakistan.

The doctor had run a false hepatitis vaccine programme which aided the US agency get hold of Laden.

Demanding his immediate release, the US Congress said, "Dr. Shakil Afridi is an international hero and that the government of Pakistan should release him immediately from prison."


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