Millions, including world leaders, march in Paris to condemn terrorism and pay tribute to 17 victims of Charlie Hebdo massacre and subsequent siege across the city

TV Max 14 Jan 2015 Print

Published on Jan 11, 2015 More than three million people gathered across France today to stage defiant marches in a moving tribute to the 17 people killed in terror attacks across the country last week. With the majority flocking to the capital where cartoonists and passers-by were murdered by Islamic fanatics last week, British Prime Minister David Cameron joined crowds marching in their memory. Arm in arm with President Francois Hollande and a host of other world leaders, he was among an estimated two million people marching through the city. Elsewhere, US Attorney General Eric Holder joined officials, including Home Secretary Theresa Mary, at the Interior Ministry where talks were held about threats posed by Islamist extremism. Standing in a front-row of world leaders near Place de la epublique shortly before 3pm, President Holland told crowds: 'Today, Paris is the capital of the world.'