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New York: Unparalleled rights violations and abuses against journalists are being carried out by all parties to the armed conflict in Yemen, the UN human rights chief said on Thursday more
75 years after the bomb, Hiroshima still chooses ‘reconciliation and hope’

New York: In a video message delivered to a Peace Memorial Ceremony in Japan on Thursday, UN Secretary-General António Guterres has paid tribute to the victims of the atomic bombin ...

Six years after genocide, international community must prioritize justice for Yazidi community

New York: Six years after ISIL launched a genocidal campaign against the Yazidi religious minority in Iraq, the international community must live up to its promise to deliver justice, sur ...

Kashmir leader slams China over treatment towards Uyghurs

Srinagar: A key Jammu and Kashmir leader has slammed China for its treatment towards Uyghur people in Xinjiang region of the country and over the recent standoff with Indian soldiers in L ...

Chinese govt sponsors rape of Uyghur women through forced marriage, allege activists

Hit by sex-ratio trouble, the Chinese government is allegedly getting involved in the 'forced marriage' game by advertising marriages to Uyghur women and girls to attract men into ...

People in Sindh hold protest against state terrorism, forced disappearance

Quetta: People protested against instances of terrorism and forced disappearances in  Qazi Ahmed town of Shaheed Behazir Abad district of Pakistan's Sindh province recently.

All Party Parliamentary Group asks Pakistan to stop Ahmadi persecution, urges Britain to take actions

While they once played an important role in the formation of this Asian nation, the Ahmadiyya Muslim community suffers humilitation and persecuation at the hands of authorities on a daily ...

US directs Pakistan to act after American blasphemy accused Naseem shot dead in Peshawar court

Islamabad: The United States has asked Pakistan to take action over the killing of an American national in a crowded courtroom in Peshawar city as he faced trial for blasphemy.   ...

Activist urges world to question China’s genocide of Uyghurs

Beijing: An Uyghur activist has said it is time for the world to question the genocide by China on his people.

Record 212 land and environment activists killed in 2019, says independent watchdog Global Witness

New York: Independent watchdog Global Witness on Wednesday revealed the highest number of land and environmental defenders were murdered on record in a single year.