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As the pause in fighting in Gaza appeared to enter a fifth day on Tuesday, UN humanitarians warned that aid deliveries needed to multiply immediately to save the lives of the injured and stem the risk of a deadly disease outbreak that has left doctors “terrified”. more
Israel-Hamas crisis: 11 more hostages released

As many as 11 hostages, who were in Hamas captivity, were released on Monday (November 27, 2023) and handed over to Israeli authorities, media reports said.

Israel-Hamas crisis: Temporary truce extended by two days, 11 more hostages released

Israel and Hamas have decided to extend their temporary truce by two days on Monday (November 27, 2023).

Gaza: Vital aid reaches shattered north as Israel-Hamas ceasefire enters fourth day

Desperate Gazans in the north of the enclave had their first sip of clean water in weeks on Monday as a continuing pause in fighting enabled broadening aid access to the Strip, UN humanit ...

Israel-Hamas discuss possibility of increasing temporary ceasefire as four-day truce enters final day

With the truce between Hamas and Israel entering its fourth and final day on Monday (November 27, 2023), both sides are discussing a possibility of extending the temporary ceasefire.

Israel-Palestine temporary ceasefire: Nine-year-old Emily Hand, who was thought to be dead, released from Hamas captivity after 50 days

Nine-year-old Emily Hand, who was initially thought to have been killed in the October 7 attack on Israel, returned to her family after being held hostage by the Hamas militants for 50 da ...

Afghanistan Refugees: UNHCR expresses concern over adverse effects of Pakistan's orders for undocumented foreigners to leave

UNHCR, the UN Refugee Agency, is raising concerns over Pakistan’s announcement for undocumented foreigners to leave, as the orders have adversely affected Afghan nationals including ...

Persecution of Christian communities at the hands of Chinese Communist Party

Christian communities in China have endured enduring persecution at the hands of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), compelling them to congregate clandestinely in underground churches.

Some Pakistani civil society activists demand Pakistan to stop forceful deportation of Afghanistan refugees

Some civil society activists are demanding Pakistan stop the forceful deportation of Afghan refugees from the south Asian nation.

Desperate Afghan returnees from Pakistan face uncertain future: IOM

The UN International Organization for Migration (IOM) and humanitarian partners are providing critical aid at border crossing points between Pakistan and Afghanistan in the face of a surg ...