Beijing/Lhasa: China's move of conducting "re-education" centers in Xinjiang, with an aim to target Uyghur Muslims, was first tested in Tibet, media reports said on Wednesday. more
Tibet: 200 detained in Lhasa over protesting against COVID-19

Lhasa: Authorities have detained 200 people over protesting against strict COVID-19 restrictions imposed in the region, media reports said.

Tibet: Lhasa witnesses protest over COVID-19 restrictions

Lhasa: Videos have gone viral on social media which showed hundreds of people could be seen protesting in Lhasa city of Tibet against the Chinese government's strict covid measures an ...

China's Zero Covid Policy: A method for surveillance in Tibetan and Xinjiang regions

Beijing: China's zero COVID policy has perhaps become amongst the most controversial policies to have been implemented since the emergence of the COVID pandemic in 2020.

New evidence of mass DNA collection in Tibet emerges: HRW

Beijing/Lhasa: Chinese authorities are significantly increasing policing, including an arbitrary collection of DNA from residents in many towns and villages throughout the Tibet Autonomou ...

International Campaign for Tibet Chairman Richard Gere gives indirect message to China on Tibet issue

Washington: Hollywood actor and International Campaign for Tibet Chairman Richard Gere delivered a powerful message recently at the inaugural session of the 8th World Parliamentarians' ...

How Chinese authorities aim to control Tibetan reincarnation, finds HRW

Despite draconian controls on the flow of information between Tibet and the outside world, word recently emerged of the death of an 86-year-old lama named Tulku Dawa in Lhasa, and attempt ...

China crimps contact between Tibetans abroad and in Tibet: Reports

Beijing: The Chinese government has imposed restrictions and stepped up its surveillance measures to prevent online communications between Tibetans and their family members and friends, w ...

Chinese authorities detain university student for teaching Tibetan language

Beijing: A university student has been detained by Chinese officials in Chamdo for allegedly teaching Tibetan language to children in Yamda village during the school holidays, media repor ...

No halt to cultural genocide in Tibet

Tibet was hit fiercely with the Cultural Revolution in 1966.