Kabul: The Taliban administration of Afghanistan has defended banning FM radio broadcasts from two U.S.-funded news media, including the Voice of America (VOA), in Afghanistan, by alleging that they were offending local laws. more
Taliban’s draconian violations against women may amount to crimes against humanity: Experts

New York: The latest actions by Taliban de facto authorities targeting women and girls “should be investigated as gender persecution” eleven UN-appointed independent human rig ...

Afghanistan families selling off their belongings to meet their ends: Reports

Kabul: Afghan daily members are selling off their  belongings in order to meet their ends as the country is struggling amid Taliban rule.

Afghanistan: Taliban officials publicly flog boy, girl in Bamyan for allegedly loving each other

Kabul: The Taliban lashed in public a young girl and boy who were allegedly  in love with one another were ruled guilty of having premarital affairs by a Taliban court in the central ...

Afghanistan: EU condemns Taliban's latest move of barring women from entering parks, gyms

Brussels: The European Union has condemned the additional restrictions imposed by the Taliban on women’s freedom of movement, including the newly announced rules barring women from ...

Afghanistan: Taliban directs judges to impose full enforcement of Sharia Law

Kabul:  Taliban leader Haibatullah Akhundzada has ordered judges in Afghanistan to impose their interpretation of the Sharia Law, a move which experts believe might further deteriora ...

Afghanistan: Taliban bans women from entering parks

Kabul: The Taliban government of Afghanistan has now restricted women’s access to public parks in the country, an episode showcasing the hardships imposed on women by the regime.

Afghanistan: Taliban detains woman activist 

Kabul: The Taliban Intelligence Agency has detained a woman activist who was in charge of the movement’s social media accounts, media reports said on Friday.

Afghanistan: Taliban launch female-staffed security unit to disperse women's protests

Kabul: The Taliban have established a public security unit made up of female employees who will presumably disperse protesting women in Afghanistan, the Ministry of Interior said on Tuesd ...

Afghanistan: Women protest in Kabul to demand reopening of schools

Kabul: Women activists in Kabul recently demonstrated as they expressed concern about the continued effective ban on female students over 6th grade, media reports said.