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Living conditions for Pakistani Christians

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Living conditions for Pakistani Christians Blasphemy

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This report highlights the dire living conditions faced by Pakistani Christians due to the country's #blasphemy laws and widespread anti-Christian sentiments.

The minority #Christian population, constituting less than 2% of the nation, lives in extreme poverty and faces threats of violence, incarceration, and even death for their religious beliefs.

The report sheds light on the discriminatory practices, forced labor, and vulnerability to forced marriages that Pakistani Christians endure.

It emphasizes the urgent need for the global community to address these issues and pressure the Pakistani government to end the ongoing abuses.

Blasphemy laws and discrimination

The blasphemy laws in Pakistan, instituted by President Mohammad Zia-ul-Haq and subsequently strengthened in 2023, criminalize criticism of Prophet Muhammad with severe penalties, including imprisonment or death.

Christians, comprising a small percentage of the population, are subjected to systemic discrimination, treated as second-class citizens, and restricted to low-paying, arduous jobs.

Christian sweeper community

The 'Christian sweeper community' performs hazardous sanitation work, including cleaning sewers with bare hands, exposing them to health risks and unsanitary conditions.Discrimination extends beyond the workplace, with Christians facing societal disdain and marginalization.

Exploitative debt practices

Many Christians, grappling with poverty, resort to borrowing from corrupt loan brokers who exploit their debt, forcing them into low-wage jobs, such as brick making in kilns.

The working conditions in brick kilns are inhumane, unsanitary, and characterized by extreme heat, contributing to the overall exploitation of the Christian minority.

Blasphemy accusations

False blasphemy accusations are rampant, with individuals often targeted for personal vendettas or ulterior motives.

Accusations result in prolonged imprisonment, violent attacks, and, in some cases, extrajudicial killings by mobs.

Case Study: Safoora Bibi

Safoora Bibi, a school teacher, was murdered by students and a teacher in a violent attack after being accused of insulting Prophet Muhammad in a dream.

This case exemplifies the grave consequences of false blasphemy accusations and the vulnerability of Pakistani Christians.


Global Pressure on Pakistani Government:The international community must exert pressure on the Pakistani government to repeal or reform blasphemy laws and address systemic discrimination against Christians.

Human Rights Advocacy

Human rights organizations should advocate for the protection of religious minorities, emphasizing the need for fair treatment, equal opportunities, and the right to practice one's faith without fear.

Diplomatic engagement

Diplomatic channels should be utilized to engage with the Pakistani government, encouraging respect for religious freedom and the protection of minority rights.

The living conditions and mistreatment faced by Pakistani Christians demand immediate attention from the global community. Concerted efforts are required to address discriminatory practices, reform blasphemy laws, and protect the fundamental liberties of the Christian minority.

International Christian Concern urges individuals and organizations to join in prayer for the well-being and safety of Pakistani Christians who courageously stand for their faith amidst adversity.