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Taipei: The Ministry of National Defense (MND) tracked 20 Chinese military aircraft and three naval ships around Taiwan on Thursday, media reports said. more
China speeding up Taiwan unification plan: Antony Blinken

Stanford: China is pursuing unification with Taiwan "on a much faster timeline" than previously expected, US Secretary of State Antony Blinken has said.

People in Taiwan resolutely refuses so-called one country, two systems: Taiwanese Presidential office counters Xi Jinping

Taipei: The Taiwan Presidential Office has countered Chinese leader Xi Jinping on Sunday following his speech at the Chinese Communist Party’s 20th National Congress vowing to &ldqu ...

China not excluding use of force to resolve Taiwan issue

Beijing: China does not exclude the use of force to resolve the Taiwan issue, but only against the supporters of the island’s independence and interfering forces from third countrie ...

Defiant Taiwan moving away from China

Taipei: Taiwan on Monday marked the "Double Ten" or 10 October, the self-ruled island's national day.

Taiwan foresees more Chinese coercion, intimidation during Xi Jinping's new term

Taipei: A senior Taiwanese minister feels that China might increase its coercion and intimidation to achieve its goal of bringing the island under Beijing's control once President Xi ...

Taiwan adds new amphibious warfare ship amid growing tension with China

Taipei: Taiwan’s navy has taken delivery of a new, domestically made amphibious warfare ship that can be used to land troops and bolster supply lines to vulnerable islands, part of ...

Cyber warfare: Taiwan may hike defence spending amid Chinese threat

Taipei: Taiwan has decided to increase defense spending by 15 percent next year and enhance its military capabilities amid rising threats from China.

Taiwan shoots down Chinese drone near Kinmen Island

Taipei: Taiwan downed a civilian drone after weeks of complaints about incursions by unmanned aerial vehicles from China, heightening tension between the two nations.

US okays $1.1bn arms sale to Taiwan, vexes China

Washington: The US has agreed to sell $1.1 billion worth of arms to Taiwan, provoking China.