Global Headlines
Manila: Philippines government has installed buoys and opened some command posts to mark out and assert its sovereignty in waters and islets it claims in the disputed South China Sea, media reports said on Sunday. more
China directs Indonesia not to continue drilling off South China Sea islands

Beijing: China has directed Indonesia to halt an oil and natural gas development project in the South China Sea.

China's predatory actions in South East Asia are backfiring: IFFRAS

Beijing: China’s intimidating attitude, particularly over the South China Sea issue, is backfiring as the countries in Southeast Asia have taken exception to Beijing's stance, a ...

Eleven sailors hurt after US submarine strikes object in Indo-Pacific: Reports

Washington/UNI/Sputnik: Eleven sailors were injured after a US submarine struck an object in international waters in the Indo-Pacific region on Saturday, USNI News outlet reported on Thur ...

Natuna Islands: Indonesia adds patrols after detecting Chinese, US ships in South China Sea

Jakarta: The Indonesian Navy has increased patrol around the   Natuna islands in the South China Sea after Chinese and US vessels were detected in the international waters close ...

China aiming to control sea with new foreign ship law

Beijing: China is trying to flex its muscle in the sea with a new Chinese legal requirement demanding that multiple classes of foreign vessels traversing waters claimed by Beijing must pr ...

China's aircraft carrier holds drills in South China Sea: Navy

Beijing/Sputnik: A Chinese aircraft carrier group has recently conducted military exercises in the South China Sea, a navy spokesman said on Sunday.