Global Headlines
Seoul/JEN: Both North and South Korea on Wednesday test-fired ballistic missiles amid the escalating tension on the Korean peninsula, CNN reported quoting officials in Seoul. more
North Korea tests two ballistic missiles off its east coast: South Korean military

Seoul/JEN: The South Korean military said that North Korea had test fired a pair of 'unidentified' ballistic missiles into the waters off its eastern coast on Wednesday afternoon, ...

Japan, Vietnam sign defence transfer deal amid rising concern over China

Tokyo: Japan and Vietnam have signed a defence transfer deal amid worries about China's growing military influence in the region.

Senkaku Islands: Four Chinese vessels enter Japan's waters

Tokyo: Japanese Coast Guards have warned that  four Chinese government vessels entered Japanese territorial waters off the Senkaku Islands on Monday, media reports said.

CCP video: China threatens to nuke Japan over Taiwan

Beijing:  The Chinese Communist Party recently aired a video which   warned Japan of a nuclear response and "full-scale war" if the island nation interferes in it ...

Two major tropical storms form over East Asia; China, Japan, Taiwan to be hit

Hong Kong: Two major storms - Cempaka and In-Fa - are forming in the east Asian waters, both of which are expected to bring strong winds and heavy rains to the region in the coming days, ...

Japanese fans might be allowed to Tokyo Olympics, with COVID-19 precautions: Reports

Tokyo/Sputnik: The Japanese government is considering allowing Japanese fans to attend Olympic and Paralympic events if they provide proof of vaccination or a negative COVID-19 test resul ...

Japanese companies will not use Chinese drones over security concerns

Fearing security risks, several Japanese infrastructure companies will end their use of Chinese-made drones, media reports said.

China prosecutes scholar who once worked for university in Hokkaido

Beijing: China's Foreign Ministry has said  a Chinese former professor who taught at the Hokkaido University of Education in Japan is currently on a trial in China.

Trespasser sneaks in Japanese Imperial Family's palace

Tokyo/Sputnik: An unidentified person has managed to sneak into the Japanese Imperial Family's Akasaka Palace and stayed there for approximately two hours, the Fuji broadcaster report ...