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Beijing: Lockdowns in China’s southern manufacturing hub of Guangzhou have sent migrant workers scurrying for home and left the thousands of micro- and small-sized enterprises that they rely on for employment wondering whether they will be able to survive the latest onslaught of COVID-19. more
COVID-19 in China: Area around world's biggest iPhone plant put under lockdown

Zhengzhou: Chinese authorities have imposed a lockdown in Zhengzhou district, a region that houses the world's largest iPhone factory, to combat Covid-19 spread, media reports said.

The politics driving China's hellish lockdowns

Beijing: The world has largely moved on from Covid -- except for China, where towns and cities are still shut down overnight.

COVID-19: Lockdown imposed on Chinese city located close to iPhone manufacturing hub

Zhengzhou: China has imposed a lockdown in Zhengzhou to combat COVID-19, putting a million residents in the region under stress.

Surge in electricity consumption: Manufacturing activity falls in China

Shanghai: China's electric consumption has increased amid record heat waves, forcing manufacturing activity to come to a halt.

COVID-19 cases detected: China locks down city of more than a million people

Yuzhou: Chinese authorities have imposed a lockdown in Yuzhou city of  Henan Province on Monday after detection of  three asymptomatic Covid cases on Sunday, media reports said. ...