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The Taliban administration of Afghanistan has banned the use of Pakistani Rupee in the country. more
Pakistan receives hefty money for allowing US airstrikes in Afghanistan: Taliban

Kabul: The Taliban government of Afghanistan has accused Pakistan of receiving hefty sums of money from the United States to allow US drones to invade Afghanistan for airstrikes through t ...

World ‘must engage’ or risk Afghanistan’s collapse, Security Council hears

New York: “Patience is running out” for many in the international community when it comes to effectively engaging with Afghanistan’s de facto rulers, the Taliban, senior ...

US releases top Afghan drug lord in prisoner swap

Washington: The United States released a powerful Afghan drug lord after two decades of imprisonment at Guantanamo Bay detention camp in return for an American held prisoner by the Taliba ...

Taliban govt to ban Pubg, Tiktok in Afghanistan in 3 months

The Taliban government has decided to ban Pub G and TikTok apps in the next three months.

Afghanistan: Taliban govt still unable to announce formal cabinet after one year in power

Kabul: The Taliban government in Afghanistan has not been able to name a formal Cabinet even a year after it came to power in the country.

Afghanistan: Explosion rocks Helmand, two children die

Helmand: An explosion rocked the Helmand province of Afghanistan which left at least two children,who are brothers, dead on Wednesday, media reports said.

China supports travel ban exemptions for Taliban leaders of Afghanistan

Kabul: China hopes that the UN Security Council will extend the travel ban exemption for the Taliban leaders of Afghanistan.

Afghanistan: Taliban declare Aug 31 holiday to mark one year since US withdrawal

Kabul: The Taliban have declared Aug 31, the day when US troops withdrew from Afghanistan last year, a public holiday, according to a document at Sputnik's disposal.

Cinema to reopen in Afghanistan, role of women limited amid Taliban regime 

After a gap of one-year, cinema halls are going to open in Afghanistan for the first time ever since Taliban forces captured power in the country, media reports said.