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Google employee laid off when she was on maternity leave, her LinkedIn post is now going viral

Just Earth News | @justearthnews | 03 Oct 2023, 08:27 am Print

Google employee laid off when she was on maternity leave, her LinkedIn post is now going viral Google

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A former Google employee has claimed she was laid off from the company while she was on maternity leave after serving the tech major for 12 years.

In her LinkedIn post, Nichole Foley, a former recruiting manager at Google, wrote: "After 12.5 years at Google, I unfortunately was impacted while on maternity leave by the Google recruiting layoffs that happened last Wednesday. I am heartbroken & devastated to say the least, especially while on leave with a 10-week-old."

"I will however be forever grateful for all of my time at Google, and for the AMAZING people I was able to work with who I call my friends & more importantly, my family," she further said.

She urged people to suggest better opportunities available for her and invited connections.

"I would love to connect with anyone even if there is not a role at this time. The more connections, the merrier. Also if anyone is looking for IC recruiters for any and all industries, please reach out. My team was heavily impacted and they are incredible recruiters," she wrote.

Several people, who faced similar fates in the past, shared their reactions in the comment section.

One of them wrote: "This happened to me as well as it was severely daunting as you mentioned - navigating this type of news with a newborn in tow. It was an absolute blessing in disguise once I moved past how horrific it was. Onward and upward!"

Another LinkedIn user said: "Nichole I don’t know you but I’m very sorry and I know how you feel, I was out on Medical leave and got laid off before I could return to work. It’s devastating to me. Good thing for you - you have Google experience on your resume and that’s prestigious!!! Enjoy your precious time with your child and prepare yourself that it’ll take awhile to find another job, since their is a lot of us laid off, unfortunately. However, spending time with your newborn is priceless!! Sending you good vibes! I’ll also send you an invite to connect."